Multi-touch : what is it?

Multi-touch : what is it?

Multi-touch (multitouch) - is the ability to touch screens respond to multiple touches.multitouch option today are equipped with almost all modern smartphones and tablets.It applies mostly to zoom in and for the organization comfortable game process at two or more players.This article will tell more about what is multitouch.

Multi - how does it work?

Multi - is, above all, a particular display device.What is the multi-touch screen?This glass panel coated with a resistive layer on top.In the corners of the display are placed four electrodes, and there is a certain AC voltage between them.When a finger touches the screen, there is a leakage current by changing the voltage settings that allows you to determine the point of contact and perform the required user action.

Multi-touch or touch screen?

believed that the touch screen can recognize the touch of a single user and multi - somewhat.Actually, this is the difference between these two types of screens.Strictly speaking, multitouch - a special c

ase of the touch screen.However, technically the creation of multi-touch screen, of course, requires more complex organization recognition mechanism touch.

Multi - core functions

most common multitouch options:

  • enlarge the image - to push the fingers;
  • zoom - slide your fingers;
  • scroll - to move multi-finger turn;
  • rotation object - rotate with two fingers.

Multi - benefits

Touchscreen considered the most comfortable way to manage device and multi-touch, in fact, expanding the capabilities of the touch screen, of course, raises the bar of comfort to a new level and, in addition, several possibilities of expanding the device.As an example, it should be said about the Cut the Buttons game where two players at the same time manage each their scissors on a single screen.

In addition, multi helps combat disadvantage large-screen control.Most smartphones today are too large diagonal and reach sometimes very inconvenient to some buttons and multitouch in some cases eliminates the need for use of a button.For example, on the iPhone, to exit photo viewing mode, press the soft button "Back", but it is located in the upper left corner - not very comfortable for the user.Multi-touch allows you to close the photo by moving your fingers.

have multitouch, according to founder Jeff Han's touch screen, has a great future: in particular, the multi-touch will become very popular, as huge screens to demonstrate, for example, work projects become a common practice.

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