How to cook the ratatouille ?

How to cook the ratatouille ?

Ratatouille - it is a delicious dish for any family.But how to make ratatouille?This dish has caused some interest after the release of the animated film of the same name.Its name is very unusual for us, although the ingredients are quite familiar.And perhaps you are ready to have, not implying a valuable, nutritious and popular dish in your pan.In this recipe, we used a completely simple and familiar products even a child: onion, pepper salad, eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini.Perhaps, in your family is a dish called "lecho" and this is not surprising, because of the name of the dish its flavor does not change.

preparation of this dish you will take just over two hours, but if you have any assistants, while reduced significantly.Today we prepare ratatouille for eight persons.

What is needed

Bulgarian pepper - three, two cloves of domestic garlic (preferably Chinese), two pieces of large eggplant, zucchini - is one thing, a little more than a pound of tomatoes, bay leaf, one onion, balsamic vinegar

(two tablespoons), olive oil, it will need half a cup.Of particular importance is occupied grass.Prepare (all at once or one or two): thyme, basil, parsley, rosemary, mint.Naturally, the salt and pepper.

How to cook

Fry onions in olive oil (do it in a deep frying pan, preferably thick-walled), when the onion is cooked in half, add the garlic, chopped finely.Fry until cooked.

Tomatoes cleaned from the seeds and peel and cut into small (three reserve).After that, add the herb thyme and bay leaf.Simmer for at least ten minutes on low heat.Cut pepper into small cubes.Then add them to the sauce.Simmer until it is soft and will not easily break apart.Then put the peppers, herbs, parsley and remove from heat.

Cooking in the oven

Cut eggplant on our circles, have also been reported with three zucchini and tomatoes.After alternating the vegetables, put them on a baking tray, which is poured a little in advance of ready pepper sauce.Once the vegetables are laid out, pour the remaining sauce, cover the pan with foil and cook in the oven at one hundred and thirty degrees of heat.Ratatouille oven is about two hours.Then you can treat olive dish your family or invited guests.We hope you like this recipe, and now you know how to cook ratatouille, there is nothing complicated in its preparation.