How much is a plane?

How much is a plane?

Not so long ago a private plane was only chosen people.But in the last couple of years, the acquisition of own aircraft funds became available to a wealthy man.Although many experts say that such profligacy never themselves do not pay back, wanting to buy the aircraft is growing.Let's see how much the aircraft, as well as its maintenance.Why would a man


Neither the world airline is not able to provide the freedom of movement, which gives private jet.It seemed that the problem will be solved with the emergence of companies that offer rent of various flying vehicles.But this did not happen.By itself, a flight on a personal or rented plane exceeds the cost of the ticket for high-end passenger plane by only 20-40%.But at the same time, the owner of the aircraft's own need to pay not only for the flight itself, as in the case of a lease, but its simple maintenance.

answer about the reasons for such extravagance lies in the owners themselves comment on the matter.Nor mobility and efficiency ra

rely called as the main reasons.For some, a private jet - is a status thing.It helps to materialize the work, profit, becomes an occasion for pride.But for the majority of the aircraft - it is a passion.These people are "sick" of aviation, they like to keep an eye on his car, something in it to improve, remodel and enjoy the result.

How much are the aircraft and where they buy

most affordable aircraft, of course, can boast of domestic producers.Pretty claimed Russian jets OKB Yakovlev Yak-18T (four), Yak-52 (two-place), Yak-40 (ten-).Write off a car that can be used podremontirovat and actually buy 25 000 dollars.This is precisely what the vast majority of buyers of domestic models, because the new aircraft will cost more than three times more expensive.But do not follow their example.Such aircraft are unsafe.And it's not just the wear, but also lack of equipment.Domestic aviakonstruktorskaya industry has long been engaged in the development of private aviation facilities and hopelessly lagged behind their foreign counterparts.

Modern aircraft is much more durable, they are made not of a soft and lightweight aluminum and special plastic that is lightweight and durable at the same time.Equipment such machines include the latest navigation systems, de-icing system.Some models boast autopilot.Many airplanes are equipped with rescue parachute system.Total lack of domestic cars.

course, the cost of a foreign aircraft will be much more, but it's reasonable costs.If you need to pick up a suitable aircraft, examine the websites of companies that specialize in selling various aerial vehicles.In our country, representative offices of companies Eurocopter, Bell, McDonnel-Douglas.

relatively inexpensive aircraft of Czech production.Their purchase will cost you between 40 and 000 dollars.But these aircraft are only suitable for training and recreational flying, as they have a small capacity, and they can not be good to fill.

well proven machine American-made Cessna and Cirrus.How much is a plane in these companies?Sessna specializes in the more low-end models (100 000 dollars), but for the Cirrus aircraft will have to pay at least half a million dollars.All of these aircraft are piston.They can fly at a relatively short distance to a height of 5000 m.

Another thing turboprops.They are much faster, more reliable and adapted to fly at an altitude of 5000 m. But this miracle technique is not available to all.For the Swiss Pilatus aircraft or French-German Socata will have to pay at least $ 1.5 million.The most economical option is the assembly of the aircraft.Such craft are called whales.The name comes not from the type of animal, but from the kit - a set of "DIY".By bringing your own plane, you can reduce the cost by 3 times.People keen on aviation, and come.At work on assembling aircraft amateur pilots spend from a few months to a year.

Expenditures on land and in the sky

It is understood that the purchase cost of the aircraft will not be limited, and in fact only the start.Unlike cars, it can not host in the garage, it is illegal.It is necessary to rent a hangar.This is not a cheap pleasure.In winter, it will cost about $ 400, and in the summer - in the 300. To slightly reduce the cost of parking, people become members of the Aviation Club.Thus, they reduce the price a little bit of "parking", maintenance, and the use of aircraft in the club owner to pay a certain percentage of its lease.

To understand how much it costs to raise a machine in the sky, are based on the concept of "dirty" of flight hours.This term referred to the cost of 60 minutes of flight, including airport fees, crew, fuel, rent corridors.The cost of "dirty" flight hour at various companies in the range 3,000 to 9,000 dollars, and depends primarily on the type of aircraft.For example, a flight from Moscow-Paris-Moscow on the six-seater car will cost about 24 000 dollars, while the Boeing Business Jet - 80 000.

How many and suggest buy and, most importantly, the content of personal aircraft - this is a very expensive pleasure.Its value can be slightly reduced by renting your car rental, but still the cost will be high.Therefore, before buying the aircraft is well appreciated their ability to pay, and go for the dream!