Why do men avoid ?

Why do men avoid ?

As if it were yesterday near: called and came, wrote sms gentle, willing goodnight.Today he a stranger, thinking all the time about her.Tomorrow does not bode well, he disappears and does not reach to it.Why do men avoid?What to do with all the kind words, declarations of love, compliments and promises?


Let us remember how it all began.What it was his opinion, what were these meetings?Where did all go?Maybe one of these meetings, you said something unnecessary, or inappropriate?Something that really hurt him?Men - weak people, they hurt more easily than women, but they carefully conceal the offense, and this results in such consequences here.It is quite another thing when a woman in a fit of anger to vent emotions openly.Express all that she does not like, and half an hour later turn into a nice and kind creature, unwilling to break the relationship.If you begin to understand what is at stake, it is better to apologize in front of her boyfriend and everything will return to normal.

Love You ask yourself, "Well, why the man avoids meeting with me."The answer may be hiding in the strength of his feelings for you.There are two concepts of "love" and "love", which together virtually connected.Love - it is a passion, a storm of emotions going soon almost completely.Another thing - the love that comes sometimes so suddenly, but remains forever.Maybe your guy was in love with you, so said so many beautiful words and promised to move mountains for you.Maybe he believed in it, but that love has passed, and it was the harsh reality.The feelings have cooled down.Do you want to get them back?Take a chance, if you are sure that you need them.But know that it is similar to a match, and vspolohnuvshey ugasnuvshey permanently.


Why guy avoids the girl with whom does not plan to leave?He must, therefore, ask you a time out.He but you certainly and its affairs on a throat business, work, hobbies, hobby, fitness, friends.Or maybe he just wants to take a break from you?Yes, you do not like this suggestion, but perhaps it is only right.


Another reason why a man shuns a woman lies in intimacy.More specifically, in its absence, iterating or poor quality.If you decide to keep your loved one to "dry rations", he may, sooner or later, to rebel, and if too much sex in your relationship - he tired quickly."Logically, a man does not understand the logic of science is powerless ...".Perhaps you have found a middle ground, but there is an option that he simply does not like what you're doing in bed.And it is very much for it, since what may be a relationship, if a person is not satisfied you sexually?So, if from it only starts to blow cold, do not wait until he leaves, take the situation into their own hands and change their behavior.Buy beautiful lingerie, behave more relaxed, do everything to give him a real pleasure.


not want to believe in such things.You have to trust your man, but only to then not have to ask yourself "why the guy escapes me," check.See, feel, that he began to cool, he spends little time with you all the time somewhere in a hurry?Look closely, maybe you should check it out of loyalty?Or maybe it is time to have the very start to avoid it?


very common reason to avoid man - is it boring.Many girls do not notice how badly able to get bored in just one day.Remember how many times per day sawed it because without it.How many times have raised their voices?And how many times they called, and wrote a declaration of love in one day?Girls, dear, we have to be a mystery to them, and do not open books to shout in a loud voice: "Why, why he's avoiding me?".Believe me, every man in the soul of a true conqueror, and he did not want to get you just so effortlessly.

Most importantly, remember that "love can not be," and that a man who loves to find your soul mate at least on the edge of the world.Do not chase him and best of all, stop calling.You can always find another man, even if this would require a bit of time!