The Apple is better?

The Apple is better?

American corporation Apple has long been known around the world production of personal computers, tablets, phones and software.The company has released a lot of good products, but its biggest achievement - it is operating the Mac OS, which is one of the best in the world.So, Apple is better than other operating systems?

Despite the fact that the operating system is designed Apple Macintosh platform, it has successfully developed and written a number of applications and utilities for it.Users with Mac OS are available the same operations, as well as Windows users, you have the possibility to prepare documents, process the data, use the Internet services, etc.These popular applications like Skype, Adobe Photoshop, etc. Are available for Mac OS.

Advantages Mac OS

Apple operating system is perfectly suitable for mainstream users and professionals.It has a number of significant advantages:

  • interface is very user friendly, besides it is very beautiful.A GUI is not overloaded with all sorts of effe
    cts and very pleasing to the eye, which is much easier to work with your computer.
  • Interface Design meets the highest standards.Almost all of the most popular software for Mac OS systems fit perfectly into the style.
  • Together with the operating system comes with a set of standard applications, such as multimedia QuickTime, and iLife products.
  • Mac OS has increased security, although in practice, as it is easy to crack.And what Apple is good, so is the fact that its operating system is incorporated much smaller viruses, and malicious applications.For this system, and there are both paid and free antivirus programs.
  • operating system has a high stability.It is specially designed for Macintosh computers.Also, Apple computers are not produced by other manufacturers, except for that "underground cellars" and craftsmen.
  • Installing and removing applications is made simple enough.The program is presented as a package.To install just need to drag the package icon in the folder and directly from the disk to start it.If necessary, remove, it is simply thrown in the trash.The program registers and public folders with this method of installation does not leave marks.
  • Disk images are used widely enough.A set of software packages available in the form of a disk image.

New Gadgets Apple

Currently, Apple is considered one of the most popular brands in the world, so it is not surprising that new technologies are being developed every day and released new products under this brand.That's what we are now and we'll talk.

Backlit keyboard

Computer fans sometimes sit out a lot of time at night.And if you can not turn on the light, it becomes difficult to work with the keyboard.Thanks to Apple there is no need to be concerned when typing in the dark.It included in its MacBook and PowerBook keyboard backlight.

iPhone and iPod Touch

In many ways, Apple has gained immense popularity due to the release of iPhone and iPod Touch.Experts say the iPhone 5 - is one of the most advanced and "polished" gadgets in the world.In the third quarter of this year it is expected to start selling the iPhone 5S, which will be different processor and an improved camera A7.It is planned that in June 2013 the company will hold an event at which some new gadgets will be presented.So it is necessary to wait a little, and the world will see new Apple creation.

Now you know about what is good Apple.Enjoy your shopping!