How to cook khinkali ?

How to cook khinkali ?

Khinkali - known Caucasian cuisine is a dish that has long won recognition in Russia.Despite the fact that this dish is often compared with dumplings, equipment and some of the features of preparation khinkali differ significantly from ravioli recipes.This article describes how to prepare for the traditional Caucasian khinkali recipe, and how to make puff khinkali.

How to cook khinkali traditional

To prepare this khinkali suit the following recipe:

  1. on board pour 3 cups sifted flour, to make it a recess break to the egg and add salt, then gradually water (1 cup), kneading the dough;
  2. when the dough is ready, it is necessary to leave it for half an hour, and prepare your stuffing;
  3. for him to fit 0.5 kg of minced pork or 300 grams of lean pork and beef, which can be a grind with the help of a large meat grinder attachment, and a knife;
  4. meat add finely chopped onion (2 pcs), garlic (4 cloves), green coriander, salt and pepper to taste;
  5. after cooking stuffing in it poured a quantity of water wh
    ich it is able to absorb;
  6. dough is rolled out a layer, it is made using mug cups, each circle you need to roll out the cake in the center of which is put 1 tablespoon of minced meat;
  7. then the dough around the edges going into the knot, among which is to form folds (ideally, their number is not less than 15);
  8. on fire in a large saucepan brought to a boil salted water, it must be carefully lowered khinkali, holding their tails;
  9. at medium heat dish cooked for about 15-20 minutes.

How to make puff khinkali

To prepare puff khinkali need yeast dough on the water.

  1. knead it for 1.5 kg of flour, 1 liter of water, 1 tablespoon of salt and a packet of yeast, then left for an hour in a warm place so that the dough has risen;
  2. then 2 handfuls of walnuts, 1 onion cut finely, salted and fried in olive oil (4 tablespoons);
  3. dough divided into 3 equal parts and rolled out thinly, and then laid out on each sheet of one-third of the filling with nuts and wrapped in a roll;
  4. rolls are cut into pieces 2 cm thick and zaschipyvaem the one hand, then they should be left in a warm place for an hour.Such

khinkali can be cooked in a pan of water (10-15 minutes), and the pair of half an hour.More often than not they are served in a dish cooked with lamb or with other types of meat.Furthermore, puff khinkali also be present as a separate dish with any dressing (e.g., cream or garlic and tomato).