What to cook a side dish ?

What to cook a side dish ?

In accordance with the rules of the high cooking, garnish it should be called a small edible decorations to add to the plate with the main course to give it extra flavor and very beautiful appearance.But it so happened that in our country the concept is interpreted somewhat differently.Word garnish we used to denote a full groats or vegetable dish and dish made of pasta or legumes, are a complement to meat, poultry or fish.Let us consider what to cook for one or another side dish.

What to cook for garnish cereal

If you are already on the stove is a pot of porridge or gruel left over from yesterday's dinner, the best solution is to cook it any product from meat, especially minced meat.Cutlets, chops and steaks, cooked pork, beef or chicken meat, fried pork and beef, stewed small pieces, perfectly suited to almost any type of porridge, cooked in water.

In addition, there are some classic flavor combinations of products that should be considered when cooking.So, with boiled rice good harmony chick

en cooked in almost any form.For crumbly rice porridge can be cooked boiled chicken, steam or fried chicken cutlets, dumplings and chicken, chopped into small pieces and stewed in a pan or baked in the oven as a whole.In many world cuisines popular combination of rice with fish.

For barley and buckwheat porridge perfectly suited mushrooms, fried onions, in addition, buckwheat is good with roast lamb or chicken liver.You can also prepare for the Greek fish: fried bream with buckwheat - a classic dish of Russian cuisine.

What to cook a boiled or fried potatoes

Potatoes can be called "perfect" garnish, as cook it can be almost anything, ranging from fried mushrooms or a simple herring, sliced ​​and poured oil and vinegar, and ending with scallops,splints and rump steak.For the potatoes are well suited not only to meat dishes, offal or poultry, and fish cooked in any way - boiled, stewed, fried in breadcrumbs or batter or baked.

What to cook a vegetable garnish

By stewed sauerkraut are most suited to your taste pork fried or braised duck.For braised carrots, boiled cauliflower and green peas to cook fried white fish, boiled chicken, baked chicken breasts or chicken cutlets steam;a stew or fried eggplant and sweet peppers make a dish of minced lamb (kebab or kyufta).

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