How to cook Xe ?

How to cook Xe ?

This salad is amazing!Fish Hye - Korean dish, originally as gourmets say it is different from the Russian version.Considering the practical side of the issue cooking salad in Russia, today we give a lot of features salad Hye, who invented and introduced in the domestic production of our lovely hostess.So, we learn how to cook Xe.

Foods that need

Please choose fish.Koreans make Xe from carp or pike-perch.And walleye chosen more often.We have many people prefer red fish, because we are confident in the river a lot of bones.And microparasites live in it, and the fish is in a salad without cooking, crude.So consider all these factors and choose the fish themselves.For the salad we must take the flesh of fish, purging it from the bones.And what about the skin from the fish department argue not only Russian mistress, but the Koreans.The skin allows the fish pieces do not fall apart, and the salad is important to maintain the integrity of the fish we need kusochkov.Krome 2-3 onions, 5 cloves of garlic,

dry or fresh red chili peppers, coriander, fresh or dry, you can add the cumin, soy sauce and vinegar (a fortress later).


First we take the fish, clean it, cut off the head, fins and tail, remove the spine.If you have fresh fish with a strong taut flesh, the skin can be removed.Cut the pulp thin slices, measuring 1 to 3 cm and a thickness of just 1 cm. Fill the fish with vinegar.If you take acetic acid, then marinate have 30-40 minutes.And if you have a 9% vinegar, then marinating time is extended to 12 hours.There are recipes that recommend first, before marinating, boil for 20 minutes, a couple of fish.Also, some people recommend to fry for 3 minutes in hot oil.Decide for yourself whether you need to be heat-treated fish.If you like a softer, or really worried about parasites in the fish, the processing of hot oil does not hurt, and the taste will not worsen.Koreans take just raw fish.


products until the fish is pickled, it is necessary to chop the onion rings to cook the spices, heat the sunflower oil on the stove and put back pepper, cumin, garlic, cilantro.All this ignited exactly 3 minutes and cool.If you do not know how to cook Xe, and doing it for the first time, it is necessary to cook strictly by prescription.But if you have already mastered this art, try another interesting option.Many housewives perfected the recipe and add to the salad Xe grated carrots on a grater for Korean carrot.It is not necessary to put in oil.And yet kalit oil itself is not necessary, if you add in Xe carrots.

salad Preparation

If your fish is ready, you can begin to collect salad.One tip is to cook fish properly Xe.Take a piece and cut to determine the availability of fish along.Look to the outlet.If the color of a piece of flat, then all is well, you are ready to assemble the salad.But, if the edges of the lighter and darker in the middle, it means that the fish is not marinated.

well marinated fish must try.If it is highly acidic, then rinse with water.To fish it is necessary to add oil, which ignited spices, pepper, onion, garlic and soy sauce.All mixed thoroughly, taking care not to injure the structure of the fish.Salad is necessary to infuse for 2-4 hours without refrigeration.Then you can bring to the table.This salad can be refrigerated up to 7 days.If you are preparing a salad with carrots, then pickled fish should add carrots and onions.Then heat the oil up to the maximum temperature, put the red pepper and garlic, calcined for 2-3 minutes and pour the fish with vegetables.Stir and let stand by tightening the plate with cling film.

If you do not know how to cook Xe pike, use this advice: add to her carrot and cucumber.The rest all do as well as described above.Finely chopped carrots and cut into thin noodles, cucumber, it is necessary to add at the end of cooking salad.The only rule is that there will have to comply with - cut the fish with the skin.Freshwater fish easily breaks, so it is necessary to link fastening.

Prepare fish or spread out in small portions in bowls, but you can submit in one big dish to the guests themselves superimposed necessary amount of lettuce.