How to roast potatoes with mushrooms ?

How to roast potatoes with mushrooms ?

taste quality French fries, as well as its appetizing appearance, breaking the barriers of any harsh diets.And if the potato acts as a duet with grilled mushrooms, this unique culinary masterpiece that combines classical and Russian cuisine, and modern everyday menu.Each person must take advice on how to roast potatoes with mushrooms, to be able to quickly prepare a tasty and nutritious meal.

simplicity of this dish is characterized by a small and trivial product set for him.It's potatoes, mushrooms, onions, vegetable oil, salt and herbs.To make good use of a wide pan with high sides.

composition and ingredients

start to embody the recipe fried potatoes with mushrooms in a real culinary product.We need:

  • 1 kg.potatoes;
  • 500-600 gr.fresh mushrooms (eg, mushrooms);
  • three medium-sized onions;
  • 150-200 gr.vegetable oils;
  • greens;
  • 1 teaspoon salt.

Initially, prepare all the ingredients.Onion cut into small cubes.Depending on what kind of shape you are impressed, cut potatoes.Or round slices ha

lf a centimeter or slightly thicker strips, about a centimeter.Mushroom slicing and arbitrary form.Or thick slices or cubes.

sequence culinary action

offer to use step by step instructions telling how to roast potatoes with mushrooms:

  • On heated pan add oil;
  • little warm oil add the onion;
  • onion fry until lightly golden brown;
  • Add the mushrooms to the onions, stir.Mushrooms fry on high heat, stirring constantly.The main thing in this process - to evaporate large amount of moisture contained in the mushrooms.Mushrooms fry until it changes color and density;
  • is extracted from the frying mushrooms and onions, temporarily set aside;
  • In a frying pan add oil, so that it formed a layer in half a centimeter.Again, we warm up;
  • in hot oil add the prepared potatoes.The fire must be strong.Fry without lid;How formed
  • lower crust, mix potatoes, reduce the flame to medium and continue to roast without the lid.Pause between stirring for about 5 minutes.Mix is ‚Äč‚Äčnecessary so that the potatoes did not break;
  • just a few minutes until cooked potatoes, return to the pan the onion and mushrooms, add salt to the dish, mix.Grill for 5 minutes, add chopped fresh herbs, turn off the fire.Close the cover for 7 minutes to lightly steamed masterpiece.

These uncomplicated actions we have reproduced the recipe fried potatoes with mushrooms.