How to cook zucchini fritters ?

How to cook zucchini fritters ?

Fritters of zucchini - saving and very tasty dish and that much important, quickly forthcoming.Suitable it any time of day - you can cook pancakes and dinner, and for breakfast and for dinner.

How to cook zucchini fritters: recipes

First and foremost, of course, will need a pub, preferably young or squash.To prepare two portions need the following ingredients:

  1. about 250 grams (1 piece) zucchini;
  2. three eggs;
  3. couple tablespoons of flour;
  4. one clove of garlic;
  5. herbs - dill, parsley, onion;
  6. salt and pepper to taste;
  7. vegetable oil for frying;
  8. sour feed.

broken eggs in a deep bowl, a little pepper and a little agitated whisk or fork.The greens and garlic finely chopped and added to the eggs.All the mix.

Then my zucchini and his three on a coarse grater (can be a meat grinder), and if not used young zucchini, then it is necessary to cut the rough skin and remove the seeds.Grated zucchini added to the egg - pripravnoy weight.After that, add to the flour and mix thoroughly all.Advise salted p

ancakes future right before frying, or zucchini to allocate a lot of juice - the dough out very liquid and need to add more flour.

Roast squash fritters as well as usual - are laid out in small slides on a heated pan with oil.In the process of cooking pancakes can be lightly pressed with a spoon or spatula, making them flatter.Fry them one - two minutes until golden brown.

olashki Served hot and desirable, with sour cream and herbs.Pumpkin pancakes fashionable to do not only with the greens, but also with other additives - such as potatoes or cheese.

How to make fritters of zucchini with potatoes

For two servings ingredients remain the same - only added 200 grams of potatoes.Preparing this kind of fritters in the same way, but to add grated squash potatoes in the same form.

How to make fritters of zucchini with cheese

In our recipe again added some changes - namely:

  • small pepper;
  • cheese - grams about 50.

First of all, in a skillet lightly fried peppers and onions.Then everything is done as in the first recipe, but the final test is added grated cheese, and get fried.That's all, pancakes with cheese ready, it remains only a beautiful lodge.

So, fritters of zucchini prepared quite easy and short.Furthermore, they can always vary new flavors by adding other ingredients.Also, for many good news would be that these low-calorie pancakes - especially if you do not add a lot of oil during frying, and therefore does not harm the figure and fit for dietary dinner!

If you suddenly wanted to bake more and sweet pancakes, the options for their preparation can be found on the next page - "How to cook the pancakes."