As stuffed pasta ?

As stuffed pasta ?

culinary ingenuity has no limits!What are the only recipes for today do not meet - Duck in prunes and mushrooms, meat in Chinese with tomato and quail eggs, rice, dark with sauerkraut.You read recipes, watch vivid pictures of food, and drools.Skilled chefs share with us fresh recipes - like stuffed pasta.It turns out that this is also possible on our domestic kitchen.

various fillings for pasta

All of us are used to seeing on the pasta dish as a garnish unchanged.However, the pasta may be a completely new culinary miracle!For example, pasta stuffed with meat, minced meat, mushrooms, cheese and many other tasty and healthy products.The stuffed pasta?You can cook the stuffing of chicken giblets with onion, chicken fillet with mushrooms, cheese, tomatoes and garlic.

Many have noticed, perhaps, that now abound in stores the original view of pasta, which by its large size, large and unusually shaped.These are the most convenient pasta stuff that suits your taste.

recipe for stuffed pasta

So, how to make stuffed pasta that they liked, without exception?In a saucepan with boiling water boiled pasta until half.In parallel, you can prepare the filling for pasta.Well, for example, fry the minced meat with onions, carrots and mushrooms.The stuffing can add a little red wine, so to speak, for a spicy taste.All this is put out on a low heat for 20-25 minutes.When finished filling has cooled, the fun begins - "refill" of pasta flavored with a mixture of cooked minced meat and mushrooms.Then it all fits neatly on a baking sheet, greased, and sent to the already heated oven for half an hour.

By the way, do not get too close to stuff pasta fillings, or in the process of preparation, they may burst treacherous.And one more "tasty" advice for those who prepare stuffed pasta - do not forget to prepare for this delicious dish sauce!It can be creamy, cheese or tomato with herbs.The sauce will add flavor, softness and unforgettable taste of stuffed pasta.