How to cook fish in foil ?

How to cook fish in foil ?

ways to cook different varieties of fish a lot, but the fastest, easiest and at the same time very tasty one - the fish in foil.In addition, with this method virtually eliminates the risk of dry fish to cook, especially if you cook it with fresh herbs, vegetables and all kinds of spices.In summer you can cook the fish in foil, not only in the oven or multivarka, and bake it in the nature on the coals.This article shows you how to cook the fish in foil to get tender, juicy and has retained all its useful properties of the meat.

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How to cook fish in foil: tips

  • When buying fish must pay attention to her appearance.Fresh fish has a shiny and smooth scales.The belly she should not be inflated, and the eyes should be clear and bright.In addition, it is also worth to smell before you buy meat: fresh fish should not have sour smell.
  • fish of any kind before preparation should be thoroughly washed, remo
    ve the scales from tail to head.Then, remove the insides.At the same time we must try not to damage the gallbladder, the meat has not acquired a bitter taste.If you can not avoid it, you should thoroughly rinse the inside of the fish.It is important to note that any fish to wash with cold running water.
  • If you bought frozen fish, it must first unfreeze without the use of a microwave or other device.After that, just thoroughly clean and rinse.The foil is prepared almost any fish as a whole or in portions.
  • If you decide to bake the fish portions, you will need to divide it into equal parts, rub them with salt, pepper and other seasonings to your liking.Fins, tail and head of the fish removed as desired.I should add that the whole fish is prepared for longer, so that dividing it into pieces, you will save cooking time.
  • the River fish should cook a little longer the sea, because very often it found parasite eggs, which can only be destroyed in the process of heat treatment.By the way, if you like river fish, you can read the recipes for carp in our article How to cook a carp.

How to cook the fish in the oven in foil: recipe

Bake the fish in foil in the oven easily, you can cook it exclusively with spices (perfectly with fish and bay leaves, black pepper and allspice, oregano, lemon, etc.)and you can add different vegetables and herbs - potatoes, fennel, parsley, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, etc.These products can be put into the abdomen of fish when cooking it whole, but you can just put them in pieces.Also inside are often put pieces of butter.You can put it and the inside of the foil.

foil is usually folded in half, to get an envelope, which a couple of times folded edge.The main thing, the juice, which is formed in the cooking process, do not flow out of the foil.Dry varieties of fish are usually smeared with butter, and the very foil - vegetable.Oil-rich cooking is recommended to marinate in lemon juice.

For example, we present a quick and easy recipe for trout in foil:

  1. One cleaned and washed inside lard whole trout with lemon slices, add salt, pepper and seasoning to taste.
  2. Put in the fish belly sprigs of parsley and pour over all the olive oil.
  3. Salt and pepper trout outside.
  4. Tightly wrap the foil fish.
  5. Put in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees and cook for 30-40 minutes.
  6. In the last 10 minutes of cooking remove the foil on top, pour the olive oil trout, the fish became rosy.
  7. After 10 minutes, the finished fish out onto a plate, sprinkle with herbs and vegetables to decorate as desired.

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