As there are pancakes ?

As there are pancakes ?

Every person, for sure, I want to on the old Russian tradition to grasp the "oily sun 'hands, enjoying the warmth and incredible aroma ... What eat pancakes, observing all the rules of modern etiquette and table manners?

the shape and flow of pancakes depends on the method of eating this dishes.What could be easier to grab the coveted kruglyash hand and send in your mouth?In fact - it is not so simple.To begin to understand the form of a pancake: how to eat pancakes, stacked, envelope or tube?

Pancakes, folded foot

If the board towering stack of pancakes - have to work hard to avoid being branded as ignorant.According to the rules - who wants to taste oily Blinok should pick up a fork edge of the upper ball joint and gently rotate the fork, wrap around her pancake.The result is a tube, which must be transferred to my plate.Next - is "at home", picking up a knife, you can cut small pieces and send them one by one into his mouth.

Pancakes, folded envelope

Blinok, a folded envelope, clearly con

tains stuffing surprise."Hide" in the envelope a lot of interesting toppings: cheese, eggs, herring, cheese, boiled meat, ham, dried apricots, chopped nuts with honey and ... can continue indefinitely.If a miracle envelopes stacked to the total plate, it is necessary to move one of the selected pancakes in a plate with a knife and fork.The plug is usually a bottom, lifting her Blinok and stick to the top edge of a knife.When the envelope will take pride of place in the individual plate, with him doing the same as with a regular pancake - cut off from him smaller portions and sent in his mouth.

Pancakes, folded tube in tube

fold pancake smeared any liquid filling, such as sour cream, jam, thick sauce, condensed milk, chocolate and many other goodies.How to eat pancakes so bizarre?As envelopes pancakes and pancakes-tubes partake in using a fork and knife.The individual plate put one such Blinok.As in the case of the envelope - from the tube is cut small portions, and picked up the fork, put in your mouth.Having considered all options on how to eat pancakes, also pay attention to the method of delivery of the Russian People's yummy.

method of supplying pancakes

most affordable and easy way to feed pancakes - individual.Each guest is supplied on a separate platter of pancakes small number (2 or 3 pieces), fork and knife, rozetochki with a spoon for the sauce.With such a set of each of the guests will be conveniently controlled smaslenymi kruglyashami.There are many nuances associated with serving all your favorite Russian pancakes.For example, it is desirable to apply hot pancakes.

Another unwritten rule: pancakes stuffed with meat, meat broth supplemented, which is supplied on a separate platter or pialki.It should be remembered that the pancakes never dipped a total saucers.Sour cream, jam, chocolate ilidruguyu yummy as the sauce is poured or applied (depending on the thickness) of the common dishes in his rozetochki.Only in its platter, you can dip the pancakes.Another simple rule - eat pancakes portions, cutting small pieces with a knife and fork holding one edge.

Here is the simple rules of etiquette, now you know how to eat pancakes.The most important rule is still there: pancakes should eat with pleasure and good company!Bon Appetit.