How to store eggs ?

How to store eggs ?

Probably not a man who would not love black and red caviar.This - an indispensable element of the festive table.This caviar is delicious and incredibly useful, containing nutrients such as fish oil and protein.But to constantly enjoy the pure taste of caviar and not be afraid that she was going to go bad, you have to know how to store eggs and what it has a shelf life.Of course, the eggs we buy in the store, added preservatives, which are slightly prolong the shelf life of eggs.But, no matter how many preservatives in the calf may be, caviar is still very perishable.

Caviar in a closed jar

Of course, if you have purchased a tiny jar, then there will be nothing to keep - you consumed quickly eggs in food.When closed, the eggs can usually be stored for about a year, but it is best to double-check this information by referring to the jar.If you do not know how to keep the caviar, then this can also be read on the label.Many manufacturers slightly reduce the shelf life of their eggs, and set him for

six months.In general, and in general, how many eggs can be stored depends on its naturalness.

storage tanks caviar

If the bank, which was bought caviar, made of glass and closed dense rubber cover, the caviar is not necessary to shift into other containers.One needs only to cover tight lid not forget to press the clamps after each opening the lid, and then the calf can stand for at least two months in the refrigerator, for which you will surely have time to eat their treat.Store in freezer eggs undesirable, as juice, to which floating eggs may freeze.Accordingly, when you remove the eggs from the freezer, it will be tough and not juicy.

If you have purchased eggs in bulk, it is quite survive being in the freezer.Just before her lay down in the freezer, you need to pass it in small glass jars or plastic containers, cover and cook, which will be hermetically sealed.In neatly lined eggs need to pour a little vegetable oil, which does not give juice to freeze eggs.In the freezer Eggs can be stored for up to two years, however, it is desirable from time to time to check the condition of eggs in the freezer.If you see that the calf begins to dry, try to open the lid, gently mix the eggs, add a little oil again.It can be any plant, as long as there was no smell.If even after adding the oil and mixing the eggs still dries, you can try to tightly close the cap, but even if it does not help, move the jar in the refrigerator, and simply try to quickly eat this product.

Choose good eggs - a great art, but even more art - to store it properly.If you are going to eat the eggs purchased in the next six months, we can not put the eggs in the freezer.It is enough to shift the eggs into a sterilized jar, then take a leaf of paper and thoroughly moisten it into refined oil.The leaf must be placed on the neck of banks, and the top can even be nothing to cover this design.The main thing - to caviar was on the coldest shelf in the refrigerator.As in the previous version with freezer, from time to time you need to check eggs to taste and smell.If all of a sudden she started to smell remind you of herring, an urgent need to eat up a game.

If you still are not sure that you know how to store eggs properly, you can check the label on the can, or consult with the retailer from whom you bought the eggs by weight.In fact, more natural than the calf, the less it can be stored, and vice versa, it has more than preservatives, the longer it will not deteriorate at all storage conditions.If you do not know how to keep the caviar, then re-read this guide, since the conditions of storage of caviar are no different from the red.