How to fry the pancakes ?

How to fry the pancakes ?

In Russia, the most delicious pancakes were considered a delicacy.There are no Russian man who would not love pancakes.And the days of Carnival are the most fun.These days pancakes eat everything from small to large.There is no house in which this dish would not have stood on the table.

Every housewife preparing pancakes on his own.Someone on the water, some milk, and someone, and leaps and bounds.Here is the most delicious and the most proven recipes.

Pancakes on

milk you will need the following ingredients:

  • 4 chicken eggs;
  • Pinch of salt;
  • glass of sugar;
  • Flour (in the eyes);
  • Two glasses of milk.


  1. Take four chicken eggs and whisk them well with a mixer.
  2. Add to them a little bit of salt, a pinch literally.Beat the eggs on.
  3. Add to the mix a glass of sugar.Continue whisking.You have a dense foam, similar to the cream should get.
  4. Carefully pour the resulting cream warm fresh milk, about two cups.
  5. Whisk the milk with the cream.
  6. Add flour, continuing to whisk the batter.
    Add the flour to the eye, as long as the dough turned out not thick.
  7. Heat the pan, brush it with butter.
  8. Pour the pancake batter into it gradually, by half of the ladle.
  9. Fry pancakes on both sides.
  10. Each pancake apply oil after frying.

get very tasty!Now you know how it is possible to eat tasty and easy to fry pancakes.

Now you know how it is possible to eat tasty and easy to fry pancakes.On our site there is a very useful article about cooking pancakes: How to make pancakes.

Pancakes on

water How to fry the pancakes correctly - a moot point.Each woman has her, proven recipe.Here is one of the most popular.

list of ingredients needed:

  • 6 eggs;
  • little salt;
  • glass of sugar;
  • Flour (in the eyes);
  • hot boiled water;
  • Vegetable oil;
  • Butter.


  1. necessary to beat with a mixer 6 eggs until foamy state.
  2. then add a little salt to the eggs;
  3. Add to the egg cup sugar.Beat with a mixer until the egg foam will not be very thick.
  4. Then you need to add in the eggs of flour on the eye so that the dough has turned thick.
  5. Diluting it should be hot boiled water.Diluting, until the dough is runny.
  6. Then you again good batter and pour into it two tablespoons of plain vegetable oil.Once again, all the mix.The dough is ready!
  7. necessary to heat the pan and grease it with vegetable oil.
  8. necessary to pour a bit of dough, so that it fills the entire range of the pan.Fry the pancake is necessary on both sides.
  9. Each finished pancake oiled.

Bon appetit!

Do not forget that you can turn into a pancake filling.This can be cottage cheese and sour cream with sugar.It may be an ordinary boiled condensed milk, but it must be put in cold pancakes.If you do not want much sweet pancakes, toppings can make them well-cooked mushrooms and sour cream or grated cheese and mayonnaise.

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