How to cook the stew ?

How to cook the stew ?

stew - this is one of the best meat products when cooking fresh meat dishes available due to limited space in the refrigerator, lack of time or for some other reason.Stews advantage that it can be stored for many years, preserving its nutritional value.Experienced hostess know that you can cook a stew of fresh beef, pork, rabbit, poultry and lamb.For those who first began to think about how to make a stew, we will offer a few useful recipes and tips.

stew cooking technology

If you decide to make the stew of beef, then you need to know that this dish is suitable as whole fresh meat (sirloin), and already chopped - goulash or ase.Veal, though considered a dietary product, in this case it loses beef in taste quality and quantity of proteins.It is desirable to buy frozen meat.To your stew kept for a long time, ready to fill with meat on top of the fat.In itself, beef typically contains a sufficient amount of fat, however often with beef stew cooking fats of other origin are used - for example, it ca

n be lard.Also it should be noted that the beef in the cooking process boiled somewhere in the 40%.If you want to make delicious pork stew, then cut off the fat from the meat purchased.At the end of cooking, melt it and pour them stew.

Remember that containers should be sterile - it definitely need to boil or pour over boiling water, and then dried.For long-term storage is best suited to you glass jars.As for the covers, you can use plastic, and tin.There is another little secret, to cover not rusted, on top of their desirable grease.Keep stew is best in a cool cellar or other dark remote place.Very convenient that under normal cooking stew can be stored for about 5-6 years.

Stew Beef

So, let's see how to make a stew of beef.To prepare this dish, you need to take the meat, without veins, veins and bones.

  • Cut it into pieces of medium size, place in a saucepan, cover with water so that it was above the level of meat at 1-2 cm.
  • Pot put on fire, remove the foam, add 10 peas black pepper, two onions, cut in halfand a carrot and parsley.Simmer.
  • Two hours later, a little salt meat, pull the bow.After 1-2 hours, when the beef is completely ready to (try, whether it is free pierced with a fork) dosolit it to taste, put 2 bay leaves and simmer for another 20 minutes, then pull the bay leaf.
  • Do not turn off the heat, remove the meat and place in a pre-sterilized jars (half-liter or liter).Pour the broth to the edges, and then roll up the banks, turn and leave them to cool down.

Well, now you know how to cook beef stew homepage.Consider recipes from other types of meat.

Stew Pork

  • Take pure meat without bones.Fry it on the domestic oil (up to the disappearance of the water), and then add salt.
  • pieces of meat lay in a jar.Put it in a pot of water, after boiling, cook for about 1.5 hours.
  • Add spices: black pepper 6-7 pieces, 1 bay leaf and others to taste.
  • Put the meat in a pre-sterilized jars, remember that the cover should also be treated with boiling water.
  • Close the jars and put the lid down until completely cooled.

Stew Chicken

Let's see how to make a stew out of this tasty and affordable meat.If you will come across a little bone, do not worry, they boil, and you do not feel it.Consider the step by step instructions.

  • gut, opal and wash the carcass chicken, remove the skin entirely.
  • Cut the meat into large chunks, season with salt and place it into sterile jars.
  • Add chicken fat, dry, spicy greens savory or marjoram, a quarter spoon of turmeric and 10 acute peas black pepper.
  • Place jars on a baking sheet and cover with lids.Baking with the banks put in the preheated oven and soak for at least two hours.
  • Remove from the boiling water and roll up your sterile lids.

In the same way, you can cook a stew of turkey, goose and duck.

stew of rabbit

consider how to make this stew of meat delicacy.

  • first step is to prepare the enameled tank with a capacity of about 25 liters.Put it on the bottom of a wooden circle.Prepare seven cans (liter), and the same metal lids.Pre-sterilize them for 10-15 minutes over a boiling kettle.
  • With a sharp knife, remove the meat from the carcasses of rabbits 4.Visceral fat separate and fold in a separate bowl.If the carcass is not enough fat, then cook a little in advance of pork or bacon, cut it into small pieces.
  • At the bottom of each of the banks put 2 bay leaf and the fat layer in the 2-2.5 cm.
  • Start laid in banks rabbit meat.Initially put them 3 pea allspice (peas), 2-3 pieces of cloves and other spices to taste.Do not forget in each jar add a teaspoon of salt.
  • Top rabbit meat and cover with a fat, 2-3 cm thick. Fill jars to the brim and cover with a lid and then put them into the tank.
  • Fill the tank with warm water, put on low heat.To cover tightly lay on banks and lifted - put them on top of the wooden circle so that it completely covered the banks.
  • from time to time adjust the fire and the knife blade is recovering banks, so that they in any case do not touch the walls of the tank.
  • Roll up banks through 5-5,5 hours after the start of boiling water.Put them upside down and let cool.

Now you know how to cook stew.It is important to accurately process the dishes, different banks may explode and ruin your mood.Remember that the stew will never be superfluous, it can come in handy when abruptly end products in the refrigerator.Decoctions for her delicious side dish, you feed the whole family.Following our instructions, you will be able to quickly and accurately prepare this hearty dish.Main decide with a choice of meat.If you want a more delicate flavor - try the rabbit, and if you prefer the standard version - beef, and if you like a fat - certainly pork.Whatever choice you make, be sure, you get a tasty and satisfying.Good luck in your cooking!