How to store fish?

How to store fish?

beneficial properties of fish is difficult to overestimate, nutrition experts recommend eating it several times a week.Some foodies are buying fish at once in large quantities.To fish during that time has not deteriorated, it is important to know how to store it properly.


fresh fish if you buy fresh fish, first it must be rinsed under running water and then removed from the inside of it, because they are the breeding ground for harmful bacteria.After that, lay the fish on a plastic bag, and then send it in the freezer.The ideal temperature for storage of one degree.To get the fish out of the freezer is recommended only after you're sure that it will be able to cook for 1-4 hours.

If you have fresh fish fillets, then it must also be stored in the freezer, but before that wrap the pieces in a food aluminum foil.It will remain such a product is much better and absorbs odors.

Storage salted fish

Purchased salted fish should be stored in the refrigerator.But note that it can withstand it

no more than 4 days.To prolong the shelf life of salted fish, it can be entirely placed in a container of vegetable oil.Some pour a product its own brine.It is usually prepared on the basis of water and salt.Doing this is strongly discouraged, because the taste of the fish rapidly deteriorate.

Storage smoked fish

smoked fish in the cold season can be stored in the open air.It does not spoil and do not lose their flavor.In summer, this storage is not an option.In this case, the need to wrap the smoked fish in the paper, and then put in a plastic bag.Then remove it in the refrigerator and Have time to eat for 2 weeks.

Storage of frozen fish

If you have purchased in a store or on the market for frozen fish, then store it in the future must be exclusively in the freezer, wrapped in a plastic bag beforehand.At the same time, remember that the maximum shelf life of frozen fish is 50 days, so during this period of time Have time to cook it.

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