What to cook fish ?

What to cook fish ?

Many housewives often buy fish becauseIt is tasty, useful and many of its species are readily available for the majority of the population at a price.Most often, the fish simply grilled or baked in the oven.But sometimes you want to cook out of it for a special meal to please their households.We will try to help you with this.

What to cook fish on

lunch, I recommend that you try to cook fish soup with vegetables on the following recipe.

Fish soup

in boiling water (about 2.0 liters) Put potatoes (tuber 3 medium size) chopped into small cubes and two tablespoons of pre-washed rice under running water.Cook for ten minutes on a high heat is not.

During this time, cut a small carrot and medium onion into small cubes and celery into thin rings.Vegetables fry for five minutes in vegetable oil and add to the soup.Cut one hundred grams of green beans into small pieces and drop into the soup.After the addition of vegetable soup simmer for fifteen minutes.Season with salt and pepper to taste it.

fish fillets (about 300.0 g), cut into medium-sized and put into the boiling soup.Cook for about another seven minutes.

When a table in a bowl of soup, add chopped parsley and green onions.

Fish marinated

recipe, in case you are thinking what to cook fillet fish.

Squeeze in half a cup of juice from the middle of lemon and add to it a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and some black pepper.The resulting mixture was stir and rub her pangasius fillet (2 pcs.), Or any other fish.

fish fold in a cup and let it sit for half an hour so that it soaked with marinade.

Then fillets cut quite large pieces and fry until cooked in a frying pan.

Finished pieces of fish fillets spread on a plate, pour on top with soy sauce and sprinkled with finely chopped greens.For decoration you can use the olives and lemon slices.

What to cook fish on

baked fish dinner by "pouring"

Take a few medium-sized fishes (3 - 4 pcs.), Clean and gut them.Fish carcasses wash, salt and pepper.Place on a greased baking sheet.Onions (2 medium onions) cut into thin half-rings and put it on the fish.

Good whisk two eggs and one hundred grams of good mayonnaise.The resulting mixture pour the fish.

Bake the fish in a hot oven until golden brown egg-mayonnaise mixture (about half an hour).

fish in cheese batter

If you still have not decided what you can cook fish, I offer you a recipe for fried in cheese batter fish.

Clean, gut and clean the fish.Cut her portions and salt.

To prepare batter, beat a couple of eggs with one teaspoon of mustard and a couple tablespoons of flour.Separately, rub on a very fine grater, two hundred grams of cheese.

dip pieces of fish on both sides in batter, then roll in good cheese crumbs.And immediately prepared to submit pieces of fish on a heated pan with vegetable oil.

cake with red fish

If you want to surprise your family or guests, but did not know what to cook red fish, then I can recommend you a cake recipe with red fish and spinach.This cake turns out juicy and tender, and like everyone who tries it.

To prepare the dough grate hundred grams of butter and margarine thoroughly grind it with a glass of flour.The resulting oil-flour crumbs, add a pinch of salt, about fifty grams of sour cream, half a teaspoon of powder, baking powder and knead the dough.

dough is put in a pan with high sides.The resulting cake is covered with parchment paper, on top of which is sprinkled dry beans or peas.Bake in a hot oven (180 - 190 degrees C) for fifteen minutes.

While the dough is baked, prepare the stuffing.Finely cut boiled in salted water for any fillets of salmon (300,0g).Pepper to taste and, if desired, add salt.

200,0 g spinach and 50.0 g salted cheese in a blender grind.The resulting mixture add a little black pepper and stir.

With cakes remove beans and paper.Then lay out the layers upon him fish and spinach filling.And pour the egg filling.

To prepare the filling must be well beat with a mixer three eggs and half a cup of fat sour cream.At the end of whipping, add a pinch of salt to fill.

Bake in a hot oven for about thirty minutes.This cake can be eaten in hot and cold.