How to cook squid ?

How to cook squid ?

Calamari - it is a special kind of shellfish, which contains many useful substances and elements.In our country, squids belong to the category of delicacies, as their price is quite high.Therefore, you should know how to cook squid, so as not to spoil the expensive product.

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There are many opinions about how to cook squid fillets.For example, in our article: How to cook squid, you will find some tips on how to do it.In the same article we have tried to collect the most popular methods that are used by professional chefs worldwide.

Most importantly, because of which there are disputes - are properties of the product after cooking.If you cook the squid wrong, the meat will taste like rubber.So let's look at how to make the meat soft and tender squid.There are several ways.

Methods of preparing squid

course, cooking method will depend on the initial state of squid.If they are frozen, they must be defrosted, squid left untreated for some time at room temperature.Read more ab

out the frozen squid you can read in the article: How to cook frozen squid.If the product is fresh, that is immediately ready for cooking.

First of all, and frozen squid, and fresh, remove the peel.To do this, simply poured boiling water over the carcass.Next - cooking:

  • first way - the fastest.His practice Italians.They offer refined squid do not cook, but just pour over boiling water and hold a minute.Then the water should be drained, sprinkle shellfish vinegar or lemon juice and leave to cool;
  • second way - fast.It involves lowering the squid in boiling, peppered, salted water for 10 seconds.After this time, the carcass should catch squid and rinse with cold water;
  • third way - a long - is designed for what you have digested their calamari, and they became rigid.In this case, all can be corrected if cooking clams more than 30 minutes on low heat.As a result, the squid are soft again, however, with the carcasses reduced by half.

also about the time of preparation of squid is described in detail in our article: How to cook squid.

And if you're wondering what you can do with cooked squid, how to use them for salad or hot dishes, you can explore our article: How to prepare squid, which you will find some very delicious recipes for the preparation of squid.