How to distinguish between pink salmon ?

How to distinguish between pink salmon ?

Pink salmon - fish of the salmon family, which also includes salmon, chum salmon and other Members of this family have some similarities, but still differ in appearance and taste..But how to distinguish between pink salmon from the other "family members"?

How does the salmon

The main feature of the salmon can be derived from its name.The shape of the body of fish is such that on the back of a pronounced hump noticeable (especially in males).The muzzle is pointed at the fish, scales smaller than other salmon.On the back of the tail and a lot of black spots oval.

Top salmon gray or silvery-blue hue, abdomen - light.But this color is characteristic of the fish caught in the sea.It is considered the most tasty and useful.When the salmon swims into the rivers to spawn, its color becomes yellowish scales.In this period the taste quality of the fish deteriorate.So, when you buy should pay attention to its color.

average sizes of pink salmon - 40-60 cm, weight - 1,5-2 kg.

salmon differs from his fell

ows and drier meat with little fat.Therefore, it is appropriate to follow a diet - low-calorie dishes are obtained.This salmon is very tasty and useful, as well as other types of salmon.

boy or girl

have delicious salmon caviar (red), so many people are interested in how to distinguish male from female salmon.After buying unskinned fish, have a chance to "catch" an additional bonus in the form of eggs.

female salmon has more ugly compared with the male species.She has not seen a sharp transition between the color of the back and abdomen, mild stains.

The male stronger issued hump, and the female body has a more rounded shape.And the male muzzle pointed teeth larger.The head and the rounded shape of the female smaller.

can be viewed on the stomach.But remember, it may be convex and the male with the milk.Therefore, pay attention to the color of the abdomen: a female with eggs, it will have a pinkish hue.And the hole in the stomach before spawning expands, becomes reddish.

Hopefully, these tips will help to distinguish between different members of the salmon family.