How to separate yolk ?

How to separate yolk ?

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How to separate yolk?

in many culinary recipes as the main ingredients found only protein or egg yolk.Many novice mistress did not know how to separate them from each other.Meanwhile, the ways to do this, there are many.Let's talk about how to separate the yolk from the protein.


first step is to prepare for the process:

  • Take only fresh eggs, then you'll have a qualitatively separate the yolk from the protein;
  • take out the eggs from the refrigerator in advance is better - at least 15 minutes prior to the preparation of these dishes.After all, if the consistency of the protein will be thinner and will be much better to separate;
  • eggs must be kept clean.After all, it is proved that their shell is often a bacterium Salmonella, which can cause serious illness;
  • To separate the protein from the yolk should be on a separate capacity.Total them on the table should be five: one - egg dishes, the second - for the shell, the third and fourth - for the yolks and whi
    tes, and the last - to separate them.

method first

separate the white from the yolk as follows

  1. Take a knife and gently tap it on the blade across the eggshell eggs.
  2. shell a little crack, you just stay hands break it into two parts.
  3. Pour the contents of eggs on a clean, flat saucer.
  4. your fingertips to gently Catch the yolk from the bottom (it is important that it is not damaged and is not flowed).Hold it a few seconds on a plate, and then transfer to a bowl intended for him, and the protein pour into another container.

second method

There is one easy way to help separate the yolk from the protein:

  1. Take a thin needle and disinfect it.
  2. Move container protein closer.
  3. needles pierce the egg with two sides and pour out the protein.
  4. After this procedure, the yolk will remain in the shell in solid form, but you will break it on another container.

third method

separate the white from the yolk, you can use a home-made device:

  1. Take a piece of paper and make it a funnel.
  2. narrow end of the device lower in the capacity prepared for the separation of proteins and egg yolks.
  3. knife split the shell of the egg and its contents put into the neck of the funnel.The protein starts to drain through it, and the yolk will remain inside.Then place the yolk in another container.

fourth method

There is also another way to separate the yolk from the protein.We need to act in this way:

  1. Put yourself closer to the bowl prepared to separate whites and yolks.
  2. Put an egg in his hand and hit him on the knife blade (to be only one low-energy short-swing).
  3. Start split shell in two parts, do it carefully so as not to fall yolk in a bowl.
  4. Wait, when one half shell, with no yolk, completely drain the tank protein.
  5. Carefully move the yolk into the empty half shell, and from other parts merge into a bowl protein.
  6. «Sling» the yolk from one half of the shell to the other several times to remove as much as possible with his protein.But do not overdo it.After all, in the course of this procedure, there is a chance to break the yolk membrane and then it will fall into the bowl with the protein.
  7. Now Put the yolk into the vessel prepared for it and do the same procedure with the remaining eggs.

If you manually separate the yolk from the protein you still seem to be difficult, that is an alternative option - to buy a special device for this purpose.It can be found in almost every appliance store.

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