How to save the fish?

How to save the fish?

known that the fish - a delicate and perishable product.It is therefore important to know how to save the fish.Change starts from the time before killing the fish so long as it does not go into the food.Particularly relevant this topic is in the summer, because hot days the fish spoils considerably faster than in the cooler.Know how to keep the fish fresh, useful not only fishermen, but also for those who often uses it in food.

Useful tips - how to keep fish

If you are caught fish, from the moment she appeared on the land, it is necessary to think about its preservation.

should rapidly kill the caught fish.The main thing in this case - well pull the blood, because the fish released into the blood lactic acid, which is considerably spoils the quality of taste and storage.Quickly pull the blood will help a sharp knife, which should make an oblique cut from the gills to the abdominal cavity.

In the second stage should be carefully disembowel fish.To do this, an incision is made from the bottom of

the abdomen up, then a knife or hand it is necessary to remove the entrails and body wash is very good - it will save from the spread of bacteria that promote decay.

order to fish long remained fresh, the abdominal cavity can be rubbed with wine vinegar.Thereafter, the fish is stored in a dry and dark place.If cutting was held according to the rules, the fish will remain fresh for a day or two.Keep it may be in a container filled with fresh grass, or wrapped in paper or cloth.

course, how to keep the fish in the summer and winter will help the refrigerator.In the freezer the fish can be stored very long time.

separate topic - how to keep fish on the fishing, because the fishermen are extremely important to bring home fresh produce.In summer, the most commonly used tank.This is a special cell of rope fabric, which is lowered into the water.Swimming in cages, fish remains alive for a long time, because it is almost natural conditions.In winter, the gutted fish stored on ice or in snow.

cooking as a way to keep the fish

  • Smoking can be hot and cold.For smoked requires a special portable smokehouse, at the cold dug pit, which is bred fire, and above it hung cleaned fish.With this type of storage fish can be stored up to several days and, in fact, completely ready to use.
  • salted fish.Sometimes using brine to keep the fish fresh for longer.To do this, pour boiled water into the container, you can even use a plastic container.salt water is followed by the rate of 3 kg.salt in 10 liters of water.After cooling, water fish falls into the water.Kept it in this state up to a week.
  • also fish stored in dried and dried.To do this you need to cut the fish, you can add salt, but you can not wash.After that she brought to the dried state in a hot and dry place.This fish can be stored very long time - from several months to a year.

Before you decide how to save the fish, must take into account many factors - a lot of fish, how many days should be stored, storage capacity.