What to eat fish ?

What to eat fish ?

Ignoring the good nutritional value of fish, saturation after consumption lasts a short time.That's why you need to know what to eat fish.Period of fullness after consuming fish dishes lasts a short time, the side dishes correct this deficiency.

Eating fish with vegetables improves the assimilation of the latter.Choosing a side dish depends on the quality of the combination of two products - fish and garnish.Garnish should help to improve the taste and flavor of fish dishes.

In cooking has unsettled some combination of fish and side dishes supplied.An example is to offer a combination of boiled fish and potatoes, salted herring, sprat and herring with boiled eggs.With fatty fish are perfectly combined acidic foods, pickled vegetables and a lemon.Fresh fish flavor expressiveness added pickles, capers and olives.

What eat fish

So, what is it that is to eat fish?

  • as a side dish, a fish more commonly served stewed, boiled or roasted vegetables.It is equally important that the vegetables were nic
    ely cut, and looked appetizing.You can chop the vegetables into cubes, so that they are well preserved form as they are processed.As for the fried vegetables, fish harmonizes well fried potatoes with parsley or celery.Among stewed vegetables with fish would be good to pick up carrots, stewed with prunes.Tomatoes
  • combined with fish are used, usually fresh, but they may produce and pasta.
  • Fresh cucumbers thrown in a salad or fish is served fresh fried fish.Also marinated scallops look good and fit together with fish dishes.
  • Fresh salads are rich in vitamins and minerals, it is in harmony with the fish.They fill with sour cream or mayonnaise.
  • Onions, containing essential oils, gives the fish an unrivaled aroma and appetizing taste.
  • spinach or sorrel also goes well with baked fish.
  • Mushrooms in any treatment are well suited to the boiled fish.

What serves fish for kids, too interesting question.As a rule, it is a side dish of vegetables that love the child most.For example, grate carrots and drip a few drops of oil on top, or boil steamed broccoli, is also very useful and fortified foods.You can also make a fresh salad from a diverse amount of vegetables.

If you want to apply to fish sauce, not necessarily to buy it in the store, you can cook it at home by yourself.This so-called salsa.Mexican sauce, which are the basis of fresh tomatoes, onions and hot chili pepper.Salsa can be fed to the fish with vegetables in cold or hot.

What combines fish

But in addition to side dishes, there are other supplements and foods that should be combined with fish.

  • most appropriate complement to fish dishes considered a lemon juice, olive oil, mustard oil or sunflower oil.Also, it may be varied dressings.Served on the table, they are in small numbers, in special saucers.
  • who loves to pamper yourself a good drink, can be combined with red or simply salted fish strong wines such as sherry, port or vermouth.Well, with fish snacks go well with sweet wines.

There are so many products that fit well with fish dishes or fish snacks.How many flavors, so many ideas for the processing of fish dishes.One person can love the vegetables with the fish, the other does not accept any sort of side dishes.Opinions can be quite different, and there may be a lot.Just try the most colorful and tasty delights draw fish and side dishes.Even better, that they were healthy and low-fat products.Bon Appetit!