What is in cancers ?

What is in cancers ?

crabs that live in the rivers have become delicacies in ancient times.It has long been known for excellent taste of the dishes, as well as its health benefits.So, doctors recommend eating meat to cure cancers of consumption and gallstone disease, and the powder of dried rachego shell was unsurpassed means of spleen diseases, hemorrhoids, and oddly enough, alcoholism.


cancers Cancers You can catch themselves, riding with friends on the nature (of course, if you know a place where you can get these delicious representatives of arthropod class).The easiest way, of course, buy a crayfish in the supermarket.

So, you have decided to treat cancers of your friends, and then the question arises: what you can eat crabs?Previously it was thought that it is better to eat only those cancers that were caught in those months in the title, which is present the letter "p", iein the winter and autumn months as the meat of cancers considered the most delicious in this period.And besides, in the summer

of crabs breed and, accordingly, it is not very advisable to catch them at this time.Of course, all these arguments are more related to the self-production of cancers.If you buy their product, it can be done at any time of the year.

better to use for cooking food live crawfish, carotid, as a rule, do not boil.After cooking, it is necessary to pay attention to the tail of cancer when he was right, then the cancer was dead already cooked and eating it should not be, as in this case, has already accumulated a lot of toxins in the meat.

So crabs in front of you.Proceed to cooking:

  • Prepare boiling salted water.Its amount should be such that the crabs were completely covered by water.
  • While the water is boiled swill Rakovsky and inspect whether all look alive, does not seem to be there asleep?
  • Omit them in boiling water.
  • add a little cumin, dill or other herbs to taste.
  • cooking process should be about 10-15 minutes.
  • The product is ready for use - the water is drained.You can also cook the crayfish in beer or champagne.

What is in cancers?Take cancer in his left hand over the body - in front of our eyes, its tail, or as it is called, crayfish.This part of the cancer is considered to be the most delicious.Poddevat shell at the beginning of the tail with a knife (there is a special, but it is possible and improvised means), and remove it.We eat meat under the shell.You can pre-circular movements to remove the head and tail.In principle, almost all cancer is edible, you can extract out of the shell.If the meat with a greenish tinge, it is best to postpone it.

How to eat crayfish, watch the video here.

Enjoy your appetite and delicious crawfish!