How to choose and take protein ?

How to choose and take protein ?

Protein - a popular additive to the basic diet of the athlete, who monitors their muscle mass.His take in order to gain muscle mass, as well as to keep the muscles in the case of weight loss.

protein will be useful, to use suitable additives and comply with the admission rules.

How to choose a protein: the types of additives

in sports shops and specialized sports nutrition departments you will find a large number of protein supplements of various types and volumes, which produce different firms.Buy Protein best in popular and have a good reputation stores.For example, an online store Pani Pharmacy (to go to the home page and insert a link) offers a range of high-quality supplements - you can order any favorite and be sure that you will get a quality product.

To make the right choice, special attention should be paid to the type of protein:

  1. Egg Protein.One of the best supplements, as egg white well-absorbed by the body.We can say that egg protein is the standard among similar additives.
  2. Whey Protein.At this additive is the highest rate of cleavage.Taking it, the person receives a high-quality protein, and in the first hour of the number of peptides and amino acids is increased in his blood.
  3. casein - a protein complex that is absorbed slowly.This occurs for a long period, but a constant supply of protein the body.
  4. Soy Protein - is an alternative option for people who can not tolerate dairy products, as well as overweight.
  5. vegetable protein.Despite a rich and rewarding part, it assimilated it bad, so rarely used in sports nutrition.

choose for themselves the best protein on the recommendation of a good coach, and considering its features.Learn more particularly protein supplements and seek professional help - it will select for you the optimum combination of protein.

How to take protein: the basic rules

  1. for muscle growth each person should take 1.5-2 g of protein per kg of body weight.Total protein intake depends on the food that the person takes, and on the amount of protein supplements.Any additive protein - protein is not wide, it contains an average of about 70%.Any additive, wherein the amount of protein is 90-95%.Example: taking 100 grams of 75 percent protein, you get 75 grams of protein.The greater the weight, the greater the amount of protein you need to consume.
  2. for receiving milk protein is mixed with water or juice, the amount of liquid may be any.The beverage should not be hot as high temperatures promote clotting protein.
  3. for better absorption of the dose should be divided into several stages.Do not take the entire daily dose at a time - it is likely that the protein is not learned.For example, it is better to drink a protein in between breakfast and lunch and before dinner.If training is scheduled, then immediately after the workout.
  4. If you take protein to lose weight, they need to completely replace one of the meals.For example, it can replace a snack between breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner.
  5. morning in the body there is a protein deficiency, so whey protein is most appropriate at this time.During the day you need to maintain the level of protein, casein therefore will be particularly useful, it is also good for admission to the night.After training, the best is whey protein.
  6. effective decision-protein also depends on other substances.For better absorption of carbohydrates should also take the necessary mineral substances vitamins, including zinc and chromium, biotin, vitamin B3, B6 and B12.

Protein will do you good if you will choose for themselves the right combination of supplements and will take on a regular basis - in compliance with all the conditions provided high-quality and healthy muscle growth.