What to cook for dinner : recipes

What to cook for dinner : recipes

Naturally, at the end of the day, there is always a problem: what to cook very quickly and tasty?This may be standard sandwiches and maybe a simple salad ....Or still something delicious?It is in this article we will look at what to cook for dinner, delicious recipes, and most importantly - inexpensive dishes.

modern rhythm of life affects the rest of our lives, and sometimes do not even have time to read the newspaper or meet with friends.Often, it is because of this frenzied rhythm, we give preference to its semi-finished products or even some odd mixtures that are filled with boiling water.Although you can also cook quick and tasty dinner.Consider all recipes, dinner as a result will not seem quite so tedious and time consuming task.


you back to beloved work, which almost sucked all your strength, and yet still need to make dinner.As can be cooked in this case?Be creative in the process.Most people like Shawarma, which is sold at every step, but not all dare to buy it, for various r

easons.But it is easy enough to cook at home!

To make this uncomplicated dishes, you need to chop the cabbage, cucumber, carrot rub, cut into cubes of cooked sausage and all this season with ketchup and mayonnaise.Cut pita bread into two and laid each resulting salad.We thrust a couple of minutes in the microwave, and all our dinner ready.

clay pots

course, their preparation will take a little longer than the previous one, but it's worth it.Take the potatoes, boil him in a uniform.When he is ready, clean and cut into small pieces.The bottom of the pots (two or more) is smeared with mayonnaise, potatoes further stacked, sprinkle all the spices, as desired, you can add vegetables, mushrooms and mayonnaise grease all over again.Place the pots in the oven for half an hour.

Meat in French

seems that any landlady at least once, but cooking the meat in French.To speed up the cooking process in the oven, do not take raw potatoes and boiled.The meat cut into small cubes and mix with mayonnaise and spices, then spread on a baking sheet, after brushing it with vegetable oil.Cut the potatoes into thin slices and spread on a layer of meat.Above all sprinkled with grated cheese and grease lightly with mayonnaise, is to not burnt cheese.We put our product in the oven and wait for a pleasant aroma from the oven.

Pasta in Russian

word pasta - it certainly says loudly, it would be a fine noodles or pasta small size, which are cooked no more than ten minutes.Ready overcook the pasta in the pan, then add the butter and a couple of sausages, pre-cut into circles.Sausages can be replaced or sausage meat.All this creation sprinkle with grated cheese.We get quite tasty and satisfying.

Tips from buckwheat

worth noting that the stew is very harmony with buckwheat.To buckwheat prepared quickly, it should pour the water at night.Although there is another rather interesting way of cooking buckwheat.Put the necessary amount of buckwheat in a thermos, add salt to taste and sugar, all filled with boiling water and leave until the morning.Krupa will be ready by the morning, and if you need to for supper, then this procedure can be done in the morning.

recipe Fast Food Fish

This recipe is great for both everyday meals as well as a holiday.Swift cooking - it does not mean that will not taste good, it concerns the baked fish.Buy in-store fish fillets without bones, such as sole.Thawed in the microwave and will transport it in the oven.

for wife

unlikely that a man can take a cool to a meat dish.And thus, it is easy enough to cook and also fast.The main thing to know the secret that the smaller pieces of meat are, the faster will be prepared.Pork or beef cut long strips, mixed with spices and mayonnaise.Then, all laid out on a baking sheet or pan and cook over medium heat.The finished dish is decorated with fresh herbs.

In this article, we are quite simple recipes.Dinner cooked by you, will be able to please family and friends.Besides, you know how easily you can create a delicious dinner.For that you will need: potatoes, meat, cheese, eggs, carrots, buckwheat noodles, sausage, butter and sunflower oil, mayonnaise and various spices.Basically, this set of products is a permanent resident of refrigerators.If you encounter any difficulties in the preparation, it is always possible to take dinner recipes with photos.