How to cook an omelette ?

How to cook an omelette ?

What could be healthier and tastier than fried or scrambled eggs for breakfast?Eggs are the basis for the preparation of a huge number of dishes, such as pancakes or salad.And the ancient Persians believed that our Earth was hatched from eggs, which by their beliefs and possessed magical healing power.Our brothers Slavs more ancient times had the custom of exchanging eggs painted in honor of the arrival of spring.Egg has always symbolized fertility and strength.Today's scientists agree with the beliefs of the ancient Slavs, as the egg is one of the most useful products rich with plenty of protein and saturated fat.

Back in real life, probably, everyone familiar with the situation when in the morning you are going to close for breakfast, but opening the refrigerator having only disappointment I saw on the shelf a couple of eggs and some vegetables, but after reading this article you will be able to cook a delicious and interesting breakfast even with a small setproducts.How to cook delicious omelet

te?Cooking eggs is different because it does not require much time and labor.But despite the simplicity of the dishes, there are many recipes for eggs, here you and fried eggs with potatoes and fried eggs with zucchini and fried eggs with rice and even fried sweet.To continue the list indefinitely.However, a large number of expensive and rare ingredients required for many recipes.And how to cook delicious omelette, if you do not have anything but a couple of eggs left in the refrigerator?Very simple!You easily, you can cook all the famous fried egg.So, how to cook an omelette?

Recipes for cooking fried eggs you need 2-3 eggs, 1 tablespoon of butter and a pinch of salt.Heat a frying pan and then grease it with butter.Beat the eggs and pour them into the pan without stirring.Season with salt to taste.When browned fried eggs, it means ready.Bon Appetit!

But what if, you will soon come to visit, and you need to prepare a quick and tasty meal?In this situation no longer get rid of just egg.You can prepare all the same scrambled eggs, but more refined recipes such as scrambled eggs with cheese and nuts.To prepare scrambled eggs with cheese and nuts you will need: 5 eggs, 100 grams of sour milk cheese, 2 onions, 50 grams of walnuts, 2-3 cloves of garlic, 3-4 sprigs of mint and cilantro and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter.Finely chop onions and sauté it on peanut oil, add chopped cheese and adjika, two minutes pour in the beaten eggs.After that, hold on a frying pan on the heat for 1 - 2 minutes.Fried eggs with cheese a little cool.Peeled walnuts, garlic and fresh herbs miss twice through a meat grinder and mix with eggs and cheese.Serve with hot polenta.Such a dish will pleasantly surprise all your guests.But what if you do not have time for long cooking?Here you will help microwave.

How to cook eggs in the microwave

Argued that the eggs can not be cooked in a microwave oven.But actually it is not so.You just need to follow some rules.To prepare scrambled eggs in a microwave you need to take fresh eggs (otherwise, the yolk will flow), as in egg yolks contain more fat than the protein, it hardens before it makes the protein.In order to avoid such a situation, it is required settling time.You will need 2 eggs, 2 tablespoons of milk, salt, pepper and butter.The broad, but not deep bowl beat the eggs, then add the milk.Season with salt and pepper to taste and bring mass until smooth.Then take a platter of heat-resistant glass and fully lubricate it with oil.Pour the egg mixture in a dish and put in a microwave oven.Microwave need to turn on full power and cook for 80 seconds, somewhere, if you have a need to cook an omelet with lots of eggs, then each egg to be added at the time of 25 seconds and one tablespoon of milk.Good luck in the kitchen!