How to fry cutlets ?

How to fry cutlets ?

pleasant aroma of home cutlets felt, even when standing on the doorstep.Learn how to properly fry patties necessary for each owner, and it is so simple that it will soon cutlets signature dish.To start to define how we will fry the cutlets: make your own beef, buying it in a store (and only then think what to cook minced meat) or roast semis.

How to make beef for meatballs

course, any hostess wants her chops turned out juicy and delicious.This will require to make a juicy beef.

  1. Mince 500g minced meat, 1 onion.
  2. Adding 50 g margarine or butter, 2 eggs, salt and pepper.
  3. 100 grams of bread soaked in milk, crumble in beef.

From this stuffing can be formed about 9-10 cutlets.Onions can be finely chop with a knife.Some in the meat, 50 grams of wheat flour.This recipe for minced meat for meatballs is everyday.

How to fry patties of minced meat

If you purchased beef in a store that does a lot, then you need to add some ingredients to it.

  1. thawed 500g minced.
  2. Add the minced:
    - 1 egg
    - very finely chopped onion (half a small onion)
    - cut off from the stick 1 piece of his flesh soaked in milk, add in minced
    - salt, pepper
  3. All good mix.
  4. Form the patties hands of the resulting meat.From 500 grams should have about 6-7 meatballs.Put them on a greased pan.
  5. Fry patties on one side over medium heat, covered.It is difficult to say how long it will take to one side, because it all depends on the plate, from the level of heating and even most of the pan.We recommend not to leave the burgers for a long time, after 5 minutes, start checking the underside of the cutlets.When it browns, turn over cutlets.
  6. When fried cutlets on the second side, doing the same thing.But after browning, reduce the fire, add a little water and leave burgers "income".Some, instead of plain water added to the mixture "maggi for the second" water, gravy from the package, and someone makes a natural gravy by mixing water, a spoonful of mayonnaise, ketchup and a spoon of flour.

When you are ready to add the stuffing all of these ingredients, cakes turn out very delicious, fragrant, and the taste - like home!But you can not add all the stuffing out of the store.We are well aware that there are nights when fatigue knocks down or do anything you do not want.Then just squeeze into the final minced garlic, salt it.

How to fry cutlets semifinished

A variety of semi-finished products sometimes surprised, but you will not always be sure that you purchase.So many housewives, clocked up many meat, form patties and place them in the freezer.Then, taking their burgers - semi-finished products, they will know exactly what the cooked patties from the meat.So, how to properly fry patties ready meal:

  1. advance over high heat warm up the pan with a thick bottom.In the process we put on it a small piece of butter, so it has had time to melt or pour vegetable oil.Oil entire pan should be greased.If you drip a little oil, then it is likely that chops Undermountain.Rotate the pan to distribute oil over the entire surface.
  2. Cutlets semi-finished products is not necessary to defrost in advance, you can put them on a hot frying pan directly frozen.Let the chops are not in contact with each other during frying.
  3. Fry over high heat one side of the meatballs until golden brown and then the other.Do it all very quickly, so always check the underside of the cutlets.Thus, you will not lose juiciness cutlets juice left inside.
  4. Now reduce the heat to a minimum.Cover the pan with a lid.Can the pan add a little water.You can make gravy (mix water, flour, a spoonful of mayonnaise and ketchup, add the mixture to the cutlets).Do not overdo it with water to make patties have not turned out as boiled.
  5. Bring patties until cooked ready meal and turn off the stove.How do I know whether the cutlets ready?There are two ways ... If you poke chop with a fork, it should trickle of clear liquid - then chop cook.Or you can cut cutlet on the cut should be no pink inclusions, cut color is gray.

Good luck!