How to make Peking duck ?

How to make Peking duck ?

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How to make Peking duck?

Many people Chinese cuisine is associated with Peking duck.Recipe was created during the time of the Ming Dynasty, about the fourteenth century BC.Of course, over the years it has changed and now every restaurant has its own secrets of how to cook Peking duck, while maintaining the unique taste of this dish.

Peking Duck - the recipe number 1

In traditional Chinese recipe, the duck must be pre-prepared for as many as seventy-five days.First, choose a duck, it fed a special mixture for as long as the bird does not pick up the gentle weight, then cut and start to prepare for serving.Of course, under such circumstances, this dish would have been available to very few people, because many chefs are limited only by the process of proper preparation of poultry for roasting.

About a day before serving, pour over boiling water duck, keep it at the same time should be upright.It is best to hang the bird, as if simply holding her head, it can scald you

r hands.It is necessary to ensure that the skin turned white duck.When the water flow down, the duck and rub inside and outside the Chinese white wine, you can use an ordinary sherry.Then the bird pushed onto the bottle (so that it is still in the vertical position) and harvested in the cold for 12 hours.Lay it does not have to, but do not forget to put under the bird deep dish, as it will follow from the blood.Twelve hours later the bird smeared with a thin layer of honey (consumed about two tablespoons) and again placed in the cold in an upright position and again twelve hours.In general, the vertical position of the birds during the preparatory stage - a very important point in the recipe, how to cook Peking duck.

After bird Currently, it is rubbed with spices and roasted in a special oven over an open fire.Of course, at home it is difficult to organize a fire to get a real Peking duck, video recipes and master-classes of famous chefs are often advised to use the grill.

Peking Duck - Recipe number 2

Duck should be rinsed thoroughly and twice scalded with boiling water, then mix the soy sauce, honey, sesame oil (honey - one tablespoon of sesame oil - a tablespoon of soy sauce - three tablespoonsspoon) and the sauce rub the bird and leave for about an hour.Then the remnants of sauce diluted with water, poured into the abdominal cavity of the bird and carefully zashivayut.V a preheated 220C oven duck placed on the grid, and put down the pan in which to pour a little water.Bird half hour bake at 220 degrees, then the temperature was lowered to 190 degrees before the moment when the juice flowing out of the bird, will not entirely transparent.Ready duck becomes a dark golden, almost brown.Serve the bird, cut into portions, with plum sauce and green onions.

It is easier and more adapted to the home environment a method of preparing such delicacies as Peking duck in the oven.But, despite the simplicity and accessibility of the recipe, the taste of the bird is very similar to the legendary Peking duck prepared according to the rules.