How to cook soup ?

How to cook soup ?

At first glance, it seems that the broth to cook simple.He took a piece of meat, put it in a pot with water and boil on your health.After an hour the broth is ready, and you can use it in any way and with any seasoning, spices or crackers.But things are very different.How to cook the broth, so that it retains all useful qualities and was not only transparent, but also very delicious?

Rules cooking broth

First you need to determine the proportions of water to the amount of meat.Most often, for 1 kilogram of meat takes 2-3 liters of clean water.Then the hostess decides from which the meat is specifically going to cook soup: beef, pork, lamb, etc.By the way, it is not so important type of meat is its freshness.

Experienced cooks know how to cook the broth, so it turned out tasty and healthy.First of all, you need to take the meat of the first grade - rump or sirloin.For broth chop the meat into small pieces is not necessary.The main thing is it well rinsed and cleaned of tendons and films.Brewed m

eat in cold clean water until tender, add salt but it is necessary only before the end of cooking.If salt broth before, it will not be so good, and many of its valuable substances simply evaporate.

Taste clear broth

few words on how to cook a clear broth.During cooking, on the surface of the broth appears greyish oily foam.From it, it is desirable to quickly get rid of with the help of a wooden spoon or skimmer.Otherwise, cloudy broth will taste it lost.

beef, and pork, cooked broth at least two and a half hours, and the broth of lamb is prepared and a half hours.And here is how to cook the chicken broth can be found here - ( "How to cook chicken broth?").Time of cooking broth should be paid special attention, otherwise all the valuable nutrients and meat are gone, and will begin to stand out gluten, worsening the taste of rich broth.

Secrets of cooking broth

When cooking meat, possibly adding to the pan a tablespoon of lemon juice and vinegar.All this will make the meat softer and more appetizing.

Incidentally, another important point to consider when cooking broth.Before boiling pots can cover tightly and cook the broth over high heat, but after boiling, on the contrary, decreases heating and cooking broth made with the lid ajar.

Fragrant broth with spices

Many housewives want to know how to cook a delicious soup, and not just useful?To do this, they have their own tricks.At the end of the cooking broth, you need to add the usual onion peels, or a small carrot.The result will be stunning!Broth will please his mistress bright and slightly golden color.

By the way, a wonderful recipe, how to cook meat broth, which can then be used not only as a nourishing soup, but also as a base for soup.Just half an hour before end of cooking in the soup you want to add fragrant roots: carrots, parsley root, celery, onion.

broth is ready!And now you can dine with his entire family, adding to the delicious and easy dish all that your heart desires - dumplings, croutons and even small hot sandwiches!Bon Appetit!