How to cut the sausage ?

How to cut the sausage ?

When the house holiday hostess tries not just to cook delicious and unusual dishes and table and place your original.If you do not have time for all sorts of delights, slicing sausage can save the day and make the usual feast in bright meal.How beautifully cut sausage we describe below.

Plain slicing can turn into original

To plate with sausage looked carefully, try to cut thin slices of meat product.Laying out the cuts, make sure that the edges of the pieces were not too over the imaginary circle.If you have enough of sausage, lay out the pieces of a fan, with a projection of 1 cm. Then the plate to obtain a uniform.

a good idea to put the sausage in the form of a fish or a butterfly.Such beauty can be offered for the children's table.Sometimes sausage slices rolled rose.It's hard to do.It is important that the pieces were thin and did not break.

interesting way of cutting is offered in some restaurants.For it will require quite wide slices.Each piece is minimized to roll.Inside, you can wr

ap a small cucumber or a portion thereof.Sometimes the tube bandage green onions to ensure that they are not unfolded.

How to cut the sausage, if not have time to wrap it in rolls?Sometimes they fold each slice in half, laying so that the fold was on the mind.But hidden behind the edge of a new piece of folded.Above you can sprinkle dry cutting paprika and black pepper.This will give the dish a smoky hue.

What is sausage for festive table

Some believe that for a celebration, you need to buy a smoked sausage.However, semi-smoked or boiled - it should be fine.If you place several kinds of sausages on a plate (preferably 3-4), the picture will motley.

In general, bright accents on the table will not hurt.You can decorate with sliced ​​black olives, lettuce and pickled vegetables and mushrooms.Originally, and it is quite possible to decorate with grapes or slices of lemon.This dish like guests and will look sought.