How to cook a duck ?

How to cook a duck ?

Home cooking requires special treatment from the mistress and love.It is only under these rules, you ensure that your dishes are particularly delicious.Let's talk about how to prepare a meal for a special occasion.Let's talk about the rules of cooking duck.So:

How to cook a duck?

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duck with oranges

That's what we need: duck (1.5 kg 1 pc), butter (80 g), oranges (2 pcs), grapes (1bunch), salt.


  • Rinse the duck carcass, cut it into portions and fry in butter.
  • Cut the peel of an orange.Cut it into strips and dip in boiling water.
  • Remove the seeds from the oranges and cut them into slices.
  • Wash the grapes and separate the berries.
  • Place the duck in a roasting pan.Spread around the duck orange and grapes.Pour all the juice of the dish left over from frying.Sprinkle duck orange peel.Close the cover dish and bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes.Here is how to cook the duck in the oven.
  • Serve on the table in the same dish or
    on a heated platter.

Duck with red wine and cherries

That's what we need: duck (2 kg), cherries (fresh or frozen 450 g), red wine (250 ml), salt, sweet pepper, cinnamon (to taste).


  • Rinse the duck and pat dry it with a paper towel.
  • Rub the duck inside and out with a mixture of salt and pepper.
  • Leave duck under a film of two hours.
  • pricked with a fork in several places the breast and legs.
  • Now you need to put the duck on a baking sheet and place in oven preheated to 180 degrees for 90 minutes.
  • Pour periodically carcass fat of duck.So you need to cook a wild duck.
  • Ready so you can check.Pierce fork leg in the thickest portion thereof.The juice that runs out of the legs should be transparent.
  • Put duck in refractory form and pour the juice, which was formed when frying.
  • Leave some time until cooked duck to put out the cherry wine.
  • Pour cherry red wine, add cinnamon, add salt and pepper.Simmer for 10 minutes.
  • Remove the duck from the oven 10 minutes before it is ready.Pour the duck with cherry sauce.
  • Place the duck back in the oven and keep it there until golden crisp.
  • Put the finished duck on a platter and decorate it with cherries.

duck stuffed with apples

That's what we need: duck (1 piece), "Antonovka" apples (700 grams) melted butter (2 tbsp.), Salt, pepper, parsley and dill sprigs.It is necessary to cook the duck correctly.


  • Prepare the duck to cook.
  • pepper and salt duck.
  • Peel the apples and seeds nafarshiruyte their duck.Apples for the stuffing should be cut into small pieces.
  • Sew opening in the abdomen thread.
  • Pour in the bottom of the pan half a tablespoon of water.Put the duck back into the pan.
  • Place the duck in the oven and roast until done in one hour.
  • Turn the duck from side to side and her spray the juice and fat formed during frying.
  • Cut the thread on the abdomen of the finished duck.Remove the apples with a spoon and place them on a dish.
  • Cut the duck into portions and place on apples.Garnish the dish with greenery.