How many calories are in the breast ?

How many calories are in the breast ?

poultry breast meat is a dietary product.Dishes made of white meat are included in the menu of different diets, and are recommended for use to athletes who want to build muscle, as breast contains the maximum amount of protein.How many calories are in the breast?Nutritious meals depends on the species and the method of its preparation.

How many calories in chicken breast

addition of proteins in the chicken breast with vitamins and minerals, as well as micro and macro elements necessary for the body:

  • B vitamins - normalize blood sugar levels;
  • choline - a substance that contributes to the normal operation of the kidneys and adrenal glands, liver cleansing of unhealthy fats and cholesterol;
  • potassium - maintains normal blood pressure;
  • zinc and phosphorus - strengthen teeth, bone and muscle tissue;
  • Magnesium - improves memory, reduces irritability;
  • selenium, lysine - strengthen the immune system.

What to cook chicken, or rather of her breast without prejudice to the figures?The minimum num

ber of calories is boiled chicken fillet - 110 kcal per 100 g breast, boiled bones - 137 kcal, and with skin - 164 kcal.Thus the greatest amount of fat contained in the skin.Baked skinless breast and low-calorie (125 kcal per 100 g).

breast baked in the fire or in the oven in the "grill" mode, contains 160 calories.When frying in sunflower oil, the caloric content of the product is increased to 200 kcal per 100 g of almost the same calorie content has smoked breast (185 calories).

How many calories in a turkey breast

turkey meat is also a diet, because it contains at least fat in the presence of the mass of useful substances, which ensure the normal functioning of all body systems.

Calorie boiled breast without skin is only 85 kcal per 100 g turkey breast, grilled, contains about 110 kcal.

From turkey breast often cook steam cutlets diet, caloric which is about 60 kcal.If the roll cutlets in breadcrumbs and fry in oil, their nutritional value will increase to 150 kcal.