Can I eat meat ?

Can I eat meat ?

questions about eating meat eating has always been a lot.Let's find out - can you eat meat?After all, scientists have long focused their attention on the red meat.

meat and cancer

For example, some people who have been able to recover from colon cancer, suffer from a relapse three times more likely than vegetarians who have had the same disease.

Proteins are found in red meat, feed malignant tumors.That is, it turns out that vegetarians are more protected from cancer, their risk of developing reduced by 80%.

But, the same researchers found that it was not in the meat, and substances that producers of meat (meat semifinished items) are sprayed with the goods, to continue the expiration date.When heated, these same substances are converted to nitrosamines.And they, in turn, are engaged in DNA damage.

In addition to these substances, the meat is often cut away different antibiotics and artificial hormones, which can also trigger cancer.

Then there is a very normal question - Do not eat meat, yo

u can?


Meat is a provider of protein in our body.Protein, in turn, is involved in cell growth and muscle mass.Therefore, select the source of growth in the body is not very good.

general, abandon entirely from meat under the force is not all, with such a refusal may be harmful.In turn, even dietetic meat useful because after digestion allocated substances which contribute to the treatment of certain diseases.

can not say about meat substitutes.There are many substitutes and supply the body with protein they are no worse than meat.For example, such products are legumes.

Another popular topic - Are children given the meat can be?

Baby vegetarianism

question is very versatile, since children are actively growing and proteins derived from vegetable products, it may not be enough.Consequently, the complete abandonment of the child by the meat may have a negative impact on its development.In any event, such decisions are best taken after consulting a doctor.And further, periodically visit doctors to monitor the child's condition, the process of its growth.

Meat and pregnancy

Can pregnant meat?The question is very controversial.During pregnancy it is better to consult a doctor who will help to generate a menu for the whole period.The fact that some women are giving up meat during pregnancy can benefit.And someone may hurt.Do not tempt fate - I agree this issue with experts.One thing is for sure - during pregnancy is recommended not to eat greasy and fried.Eating meat during pregnancy, it is necessary to restrict lean, steamed.

Sliced ​​

Can you eat raw meat?Is not it dangerous?All lovers stroganina in one voice say that it is absolutely harmless.Let's look at the issue from a scientific point of view.Raw meat from shops, clearly, can not be eaten raw.

Sliced ​​- a traditional dish of the North.If you choose to prepare their own stroganina, and this pure reindeer meat could not be found, you can replace it with a homemade goat meat.It is the most pure and gentle.Often eating raw fish, fish stroganina for perfect white salmon, which has no internal parasites.

Meat and animal

Can rabbit meat?Rabbit - is neplotoyadnoe animal.That is the meat - it's not exactly his food, but all the necessary elements of a rabbit can not get at the housing in captivity, and the meat contains calcium, phosphorus, protein and so on.It turns out that rabbits can be given meat.Do not feed the rabbit meat every day, it will be sufficient time to time (once a month) to include in his diet a piece of meat.However, pet can not touch the meat, keep in mind.Of course, it is best to pick up a rabbit special feed which will contain all the necessary minerals to him.

Can cat raw meat?Cat - a predator.Digestion cat is very different from the human digestive system.The cat's diet must necessarily include meat.It is better if the meat is cooked, but if you are confident in the quality of meat, it is sometimes possible to pamper your pet and slices of raw meat.

Can puppies raw meat?Puppies need to be sure to give the meat.It is desirable that the meat was processed.In its raw form it can be given to puppies beef, but it should not always.Stuffing is poorly absorbed in the body of the puppy.This should be good to remember.