Why not eat meat ?

Why not eat meat ?

In recent years, more and more people give up meat, which is caused by new trends in nutrition.There are medical conditions for which the meat is prohibited.

In this article we look at why you can not eat meat, and try to answer the question of whether one can not eat meat at all.

Why meat can not be: the reasons

There is only one reason why people can not eat meat - is the health indicators.For example, the post-operative period, when a person needs for protein structure of tissues, but it is weak to digest meat.Also, this can be attributed to the serious problems with the gastrointestinal tract.Certainly, there are rare anomalies, when the meat is poorly absorbed.Basically, it's all the arguments against the use of this product.

Why meat is necessary?

meat is a source of animal protein.People who talk about the dangers of meat for the human body, are divided into two types: those who feel sorry for the animals and those who are not educated.

blame meat in a bad influence on the human body

is about the same as vitamin C to treat the common cold.Naturally, people have different organisms, and someone will need more, and someone less time until the body fails.

lack of meat in the diet can lead to:

  • low hemoglobin.The liver and red meat contain a large amount of easily digestible iron.If you want one of the sunny days to pass out or cut bleed regularly get sick of viral diseases - quietly Indulge in meat.Iron deficiency impairs the quality of the blood, as well as due to the fact that everything in the body is interconnected and in harmony, can cause problems with the digestibility of other vitamins.In the future, it will certainly affect your health.
  • absence or insufficient quantity of vitamin B12.If the body is not getting enough of this vitamin, Alzheimer's disease or multiple sclerosis will soon become your friends.
  • The meat surprising combination of a huge amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.Furthermore, they wonderful fit together.For such a harmonious food without meat you will have to read a lot of books about the digestibility of various components, as well as scientific works, to try to choose a high-quality food.
  • Vegetable protein will never replace the animal.No matter how much we may say that animal protein and does not need, it's stupid and totally absurd proposition.The nutritional value of animal protein is 80%, whereas the plant - only 60%.If you want your body to recover quickly after an illness or injury, you must enter the animal protein in their diet.

If you hear such arguments, you can try to educate people:

  • Meat inhibits the intestinal microflora.The human digestive tract makes us omnivores.Our ancestors ate meat, and so they survived.Arguments about human evolution, and the uselessness of meat - stupidity.Our digestive tract - is not atavism and will not them, it's a human characteristic, and always will be.
  • The meat contains 35% of nutrients in plants - 80%.One protein shows us the absurdity of this statement: 80% versus 60% that speak of other substances.
  • Vitamin B12 can be found in wheat germ.Yes, but you'll have to have her pots, and this will agree, is not very cool.
  • meat contains substances that are affecting your appetite, make people eat more.There are plants and fruit, which increase appetite is no worse than hunger.If a person is healthy and listen to your body, then this problem will not arise, even if it is to eat meat three times a day.

can argue endlessly with such nonsense, most importantly, remember that the fashion for so-called healthy diet will soon pass.So quietly eat meat and be healthy!

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