The meat is useful ?

The meat is useful ?

doubt meat eaters and vegetarians have more than one hundred years!"Predators" love the unique taste svezhepodzharennogo steaks and "grazers" will never be able to understand them!And each side is fully confident in their rightness.But we do not try to solve this very difficult solvable dispute.And try to find out whether the meat is useful and whether to eat it often?

Useful properties of meat

Our body - a complex system that can produce their own set of nutrients.However, something that it can not be synthesized, for example amino acids.Eating meat gives us those same amino acids.And this is the first positive feature of this product.

Essential for human and proteins, and their content in the meat is very high.Proteins - the main building blocks of muscle cells, it is involved in the formation of various enzymes and hormones of the body.Without animal protein, according to many experts, the body can not function fully.

meat in large quantities contains iron.And iron is actively involved in t

he formation of red blood cells.And they are involved in all processes in the human body, including: carbon dioxide output, feed enzymes and ion cells.Our immunity depends on the iron, with the help of the immune cells.

The meat we need a lot of vitamins: folic acid (especially useful for pregnant women), group B vitamins (for good health and healthy sleep), niacin or vitamin PP (for healthy skin and normal metabolism).

Which meat useful

Let's try to understand what is useful to the meat, which meat is the most beneficial and least harmful to our body.

  • Rabbit.It is considered the dietary kind of meat.It is larger than the other full of protein - about 22%, and low in fat - about 14%.The meat practically does not cause allergies, and it is very important for the nutrition of young children.Dial the extra weight of the rabbit meat is very problematic, and the content of beneficial vitamins and protein, it is simply irreplaceable!
  • Poultry.If you try to create a kind of rating the usefulness of meat, then poultry (turkey, chicken) will stand for the second place of the podium.Next to them can get horsemeat and venison.It is also rich in meat protein (20%) and low fat (from 9 to 19%).Certainly, the contradiction of the ethical or religious nature may arise here.Not all safely eat a horse or deer meat.But this is a matter of personal choice.
  • Veal and beef.Unequivocally say that the meat can not be very useful.It also contains a useful protein and minerals, but many experts, especially recently, he was charged with the content of the "bad" cholesterol.This does not mean that it is necessary once and for all, deny yourself the pleasure to eat a well-toasted piece of beef, but also to get involved in the meat is not necessary.
  • Pork.This meat is generally not risen to the podium and ranking lagging behind.It contains a lot of fat.Almost 70%.However, it completes the list and lamb with the same measure of fatness.Such meat is better to boil or simmer to reduce the harmful effects.

Even if you can not live without meat, remember that one can not eat meat!The diet must be products that have fiber.After all, it is not meat at all.Cook rice, buckwheat, pasta.Along with the meat, you can eat as much fresh vegetables and herbs.This will help to balance the meal.Eat meat with pleasure, but do not forget to know when to stop and enjoy your meal!