What is the meat?

What is the meat?

meat - this is one of the most important components of our food.It is believed that it has the required amount of nutrients, without which our life is unthinkable.But if the meat product is so useful that the meat at all?Let's try to figure it out.

is useful if the meat

meat, which is used for human consumption, contains not less than 14% protein, but in this parameter, this product is not a champion.For example, cheese consists of 30% protein and low-fat cottage cheese by 18%.But it contains meat protein which underlies it?

is believed that the protein found in meat most nutritious, but in fact this is not quite true.Proteins are composed of amino acids which control the decomposition process in the food body.The composition of amino acids of meat, if you look at the table of protein, is no different from the composition of amino acids of plant foods.That's why animal protein is no better than vegetable.

degree of digestibility of proteins of plant and animal origin is different and there are

also vegetable proteins are superior to animals in their functions.

also include what the substance contained in the meat, it may be noted and fats.They make up a much larger proportion than whites.Fats are composed of fatty acids, which are considerably inferior nutritional vegetable fats, as they are saturated.They adversely affect the condition of the liver, heart and other vital organs.Also, these fats cause the development of diseases such as atherosclerosis.Digested meat fats are much worse than vegetable.

fatty acids, which can also be found in any meat, oddly enough, strengthen blood vessels and positively affect all the possible metabolic processes in the human body.

composition of meat

Now let's look at the chemical composition of meat.The meat product contains elements such as phosphorus and iron.If you compare the amount of iron in meat and vegetable items, you will notice that the meat 2.8 mg of iron, and bean 12.4 mg, 16 mg of seaweed, buckwheat 8 mg.Thus, it turns out that the content of iron, many vegetables and plants several times healthier than meat.The same situation is observed with phosphorus.

Now let's see what vitamins are in meat.The food vitamin basis are just plants, but their meat contains very little.The meat contains vitamins, mainly group B 100 grams of the product can be found B1 - 0,10-0,93 mg, B2- 0,15-0,25 mg, B4) - 80-113 mg, B6- 0,3-0.61 mg.In addition to meat there nikotinamid- 2,7-6,21 mg / 100 g meat Unfortunately absolutely no vitamin C, which is very essential for maintaining the body's immunity, and vitamin A.

Meat in general is a skeletalanimal muscle, which also includes a connecting adipose tissue.In addition, the meat is sometimes called, and offal, such as brain, heart, liver and other. Meat is used as food.

The meat is divided into meat and fish meat.Despite the similarities in the title, the number of vitamins and minerals, they are fundamentally different from each other.

Thus, just so you can answer the question, what is the meat.Eat meat to eat, it is desirable, but not necessary, as there is a huge amount of myasozamenyayuschih products, the usefulness of which is much higher meat.Such products are used in food vegetarians, not to kill animals.