What is foie gras ?

What is foie gras ?

Pretty fancy name French delicacy - Foie gras (foie gras).However, not all in this appetizing word so rosy and nice.At least, so deem animal welfare advocates.So, what is foie gras.Dedicate an article is the answer to a specific question.Methods for the preparation, you can search the Internet, if you want.

Foie gras: what and where

main producer of foie gras is France.These words are literally translated from French as "fatty liver."Moreover, translating literally conveys the meaning of food.In general, the foie gras is usually called liver fattened goose or duck, cooked in a special way.Perhaps the key word here is - well-fed.Yes, before receiving the liver of these birds, it is necessary to fatten them for a special system.

Fattening birds for foie gras

main purpose of fattening - receiving abnormally large and fatty liver, which is a mandatory attribute of foie gras.Birds sometimes exceeds normal liver size by 10 times.It is understood that many will not have inherently birds understand i

t.Birds are subjected to force-feeding, and therefore meets criticism among animal advocates.

Feeding is divided into 3 stages:

  1. In the first four weeks the chicks are fed properly, that is natural for them to nature.The goal is simply to rapid growth of chicks.
  2. Next four weeks (ie until the eighth week of life) the birds are limited in movement to reduce the consumption of calories.Birds were placed in the cells and begin feeding abundant food rich in starch and protein.The goal is to grow with the birds above the norm.
  3. And 8-10y week begins the so-called gavage - violent force-feeding period.The procedure is very unpleasant: right in the throat of the birds, using a special tube (12.5 cm), is reset 1.8 kilograms of grain (usually corn).This amount exceeds the norm by ten times.Ongoing stage forcible feeding 2-3 weeks.

When the fattening ends birds slaughtered.The goal - the liver, from which will be prepared, perhaps, a tasty dish foie gras.

impressive will know clearly what foie gras.Photos on the internet, but you will be given the two sides: the beautiful and delicious bird life, which "work" for the production thereof.