How to cook the plums ?

How to cook the plums ?

known that drain strengthens blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, eliminates toxins, has a positive effect on the work of the stomach and contains a large amount of vitamins.However, it is kept very short.So if you have a large crop of plums, a few simple configurations for the plum jam or compote will be useful.

How to cook a delicious plum

The most popular way to prepare is to prepare plums plum jam.You need to bring the fruit and sugar in a ratio of one to one mix in the container, which are planning to make jam from the plums, and leave for 12 hours.Then you can start cooking.Becoming container on the stove, bring to a boil and turn off the fire.After that you need to cool the mass and put on the gas again.So, bring the jam to a boil three times and do not forget to remove the foam.After draining completely cooled, you can pour the jam by banks.

How to prepare jam from plums

There is a simple version of cooking jam of plums.For this purpose, two kilograms of plums need a kilo of sugar an

d half a glass of water.All mix and put on fire.As soon as you see that the skin began to separate, you need to turn the heat off, cool the mixture and grind it through a sieve.What happened in the end, it is necessary to bring to a boil, but do not boil.The procedure should be repeated two or three times, until the jam will not be thick.

Cooking tkemali plum

Another good option harvesting plums - tkemali sauce.Tkemali is the perfect complement to the meat, it is a very tasty sauce.There are many options of how to prepare tkemali of plums, but the basic one - plums or plum tkemali and a lot of spices and herbs.If the fruit tkemali sale could not be found, you can use the blue plum that grows in many parts of the garden.The main thing is that it is not very sweet.

So tkemali for cooking you will need:

  1. half a kilogram of plums.
  2. One beam of dill and cilantro.
  3. Celery.
  4. One tablespoon of dried basil.
  5. Half tablespoon dried parsley.
  6. Saffron - half a teaspoon.
  7. Sharp pepper - 0.5 tablespoon.
  8. bay leaf.
  9. Garlic - 1 - 2 heads as you like.
  10. Salt and sugar to taste.

Originally tkemali to put more and mint.But it is only a matter of taste, because it gives a very strong flavor.

Plum is necessary to lay down in a pan and cover with water.Water should not cover the fruit, it should be quite a bit.Put on fire and boil a little bit.As soon as you see that the fruits have begun to burst, you can turn off the heat and drain the water.The resulting mass once cooled, it is necessary to grind through a sieve.And some water from the remaining juice can cook excellent.

resulting puree to put on fire, boil for five minutes, add the chopped herbs, spices, garlic.While stirring, boil for another five minutes.You can remove from heat and pour on jars.

Now you know how to cook the sauce of plum, which will not be ashamed to apply to the meat.We also recommend you read the article Recipe tkemali.

How to make a compote of plums

can also prepare for the winter compote of plums.The beverage obtained with a rich taste and aroma, and it is very easy to cook.In order to prepare a plum compote, one must take the red plums kg sugar and 250 g of 1300 ml of water.In a separate saucepan, you need to mix the water and sugar and bring to a boil.Then, in the boiling syrup for 10 minutes laid plum.After the fruits are passed to the banks, pour the syrup, and can be rolled up.

How to make wine from

plums Many people think that to cook plum wine difficult.This is not so.Preparation of wine will take time, but nothing complicated in this process.

  1. Ideal for wine plum blue suit, which must be collected at a time when they are fully ripe and began to fall.The fruit can not be washed, since the surface of natural bacteria are conducive to fermentation.The maximum that can be done - it is wiped with a cloth.Be sure to bone should be removed, otherwise the wine will turn bitter.
  2. Then you must pound plum puree to obtain mass and diluted with water at a ratio of one to one.The resulting mass must be left in the open air for several days.The air temperature must be no lower than 20 degrees.Once on the surface of the bubbles start to appear, and exfoliate weight can strain.
  3. Now to the resulting juice is necessary to add sugar.If your goal - a dry wine, you will need about 250 grams per liter of liquid.For sweet wine - 300 - 350 g All thoroughly mixed and placed in a sealed bottle of water seal.Councils for the production of such a device can be found on the Internet.The bottle of wine left in a warm room for forty days to ferment.As soon as the cease released gas from the water trap, the wine can be bottled.
  4. last stage - maturation.To do this, simply leave the wine in a cool place for two - three months.After that you can start tasting.

This is the most simple recipes pieces of plums.There are many recipes for the preparation of jams, compotes, jams, sauces and other delicious and healthy dishes from the fruit, so you can always pick up something that will please you and your household.