How to eat cheese ?

How to eat cheese ?

Many of us in everyday life use the cheese in such a way - make a sandwich and drink it hot sweet tea.Today showcases gastronomy filled with dozens of different types of cheese, and even in the rural shop you can buy the "Parmesan", "Roquefort" or "Mozzarella".To better navigate in this range, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basic rules of the use of different types of cheese.

Rules cheese supply

  • Cheese - perishable product, so it should be stored at a temperature of 6 - of 8 °, but bring to the table a cooled cheese is not recommended.In order for the cheese is slightly warmed and most fully disclose all of its flavor, remove it from the refrigerator an hour before the planned submission on the table.
  • Cut the cheese should be a maximum of a quarter of an hour before feeding, if you make it before, slices of cheese melts a bit and zavetryatsya.
  • cheese slice so that each slice and present crust and the interior of the cheese.
  • Each type of cheese is cut into a special knife
    .From the hardest, aged cheeses (such as "cheese") chip pieces knife with wedge short blade, hard pressed cheese cut a long knife with two handles, blue cheese cut with a knife - the guillotine, which, instead of a blade used steel strings, especially softcheese cut with a knife with a wide blade, in which there are several "windows".
  • When cheese is fed as snacks tend to choose one or two varieties of solid extruded cheese such as "Gouda", "Russia" or "Cheddar" cut cheese thin flat slices - rectangular or triangular, and the fan is spread them onseveral small flat plates.
  • If the cheese on the table serves as a main course or as the main dessert, in this case, draw up a so-called "cheese plate".

How to make a cheese plate

  • to create a cheese plate will require several types of cheese of various types.The number of varieties may be different - some experts say that there should be no less than five, others say the least - the four varieties.The main rule is the selection of cheese for the cheese plate is not the number of varieties, and their harmonious combination - on the plate should be laid out different types of cheese, for example, slightly viscous and deflating the taste of "Mozzarella";It has a gentle spicy taste softest "Bree" in white moldy crust;acute "Dorblu" with a sharp characteristic odor and greasy sweet "Maasdam".
  • Classic cheese plate - a large round table, made of hard wood.Cheese spread her whole pieces.For each variety of cheese supplied separate special knife designed to cut it.According to the rules rely on their own each guest cut off his slices of cheese, but since in practice to do so is not always convenient, often violate this canon and the cheese spread on a board already sliced.The exception is cheese with a white mold "Bree" or "Camembert" - they are too soft, so they cut immediately before use.
  • cheese is placed on the board in a certain order: first on the edge put the youngest and light cheese such as "mozzarella", then moving clockwise, place the cheese varieties as enhance their taste and increase the exposure period - for "mozzarella"spread "Bree", then "Maasdam", followed by the already sharp and edgy "Dorblu".Try the cheese in the same manner.
  • Instead of wooden boards for a cheese plate, you can use a very large platter or a special marble stand.A plate decorated with nuts, grapes, pears, mint leaves and coffee beans.

What served to cheese

noble cheeses are best suited nuts, dried fruit and fresh fruit.For example, a cheese with blue cheese served grapes, almonds and cashew nuts, to the solid cheese - raisins, dried apricots and dates, to "mozzarella" - olives, sun-dried tomatoes "Cherry" and basil.Juicy, with oily-fleshed pears are generally considered one of the best additions to all cheeses, especially the well they harmonize with the cheese with a crust of white mold.In more detail, we have already talked about the products suitable to the cheese in the article What have cheese.In addition to the various fruits and nuts to the noble cheeses are also served wine, which are selected individually for each variety of cheese.

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