Can I drink non-alcoholic beer ?

Can I drink non-alcoholic beer ?

Increasingly, people are wondering whether it is possible to drink beer?Non-alcoholic beer does not contain alcohol or a hoax?This question did not appear by accident.Any teetotaler who "for the company" decided to drink non-alcoholic beer, confirm that it is also drunk.Conclusion - non-alcoholic beer is not such a "non-alcoholic".Now in more detail.

Myths of non-alcoholic beer

buyer, seeing the symbol on the label of "0" (nulevka) naively believes that in front of him a product that does not contain alcohol.The so-called non-alcoholic beer contains at least 0.5% by volume of pure alcohol dispensing container and is prepared using the technology of the same fermentation.How it works: at a certain stage of fermentation takes place instant cooling the fermentation mass, thereby multoza not processed by bacteria and alcohol selection is terminated.There is another method of making a non-alcoholic beer.Removal of the alcohol by evaporation or membrane treatment, which also does not eliminate complet

ely drink alcohol.In fact the amount of alcohol in "non-alcoholic beer" bank exceeded: in patients not previously consumed alcohol, were marked reduction reaction and braking actions.Studies have been conducted, including with a placebo, which revealed the value of the results.So if you are a long time abstained from alcohol and drank the very non-alcoholic beer, then the wheel is better not to sit down.Breathalyzer may not show excess dose, but it will affect on the reaction.

endogenous and exogenous alcohol

In the debate, whether to drink non-alcoholic beer to pregnant women, nursing mothers and children to win common sense.Alkogolesoderzhaschy any drink (even yogurt) comprises a so-called exogenous alcohol which is different in composition from the endogenous alcohol released by the human body.The resulting beer alcohol can not be a useful and strictly forbidden to anyone, even in the smallest doses.Many supporters of "moderate drinking" just insist that the human body produces alcohol itself.As mentioned above, this is true.However, getting into the body, exogenous alcohol prevents release of endogenous, thus causing irreparable harm to the human body and putting the biological mechanisms of alcohol dependence on foreign income.