How to store the grapes ?

How to store the grapes ?

Many amateur gardeners are interested in the question of how to store the grapes.Nothing complicated about it.The main thing is to choose the right variety that is well kept, and the place where you intend to store the harvest.Well kept late varieties such as Kutuzov, Moldova, Moldova Jubilee.If done correctly, the grapes can be saved even before the end of February, beginning of March.To subsequently grapes are well kept, it is important to properly care for the growing season for him.Well kept grapes from those shrubs that before removing the crop, in not watered for 40-50 days.

How to store winter grapes

to save the crop, it is equally important to know how to cut the bunches.This should be done in dry weather.Cut the grapes from the vine itself, leaving grebnenozhku longer.It is better not to touch the berries, so you save pruin that protects the fruit from rot.Brush should be taken solely grebnenozhku.And berries are damaged, must be removed with scissors.

  • Place the bunch in a plastic box
    , the bottom of which previously Cover the blank paper.The box should immediately drop into the cellar, the walls of which must be pre-lime, with the addition of copper or iron sulphate.It is better not to keep the berries in the light.The ideal storage temperature not lower berries than 8 degrees, and about 70% humidity.To protect the fruit from rotting in the drawers can be put tablets of potassium or sodium bisulfate (3-5 kg. Of berries take 2-3 tablets).
  • can also bunches of grapes hung on a pole.To do this, they must link the string length of 35-40 cm. And throw over a pole so that the clusters are at different heights and with each other, and do not touch.Make sure the fruit during storage, check for the presence of the bunch rot and scissors remove damaged berries.

How to keep the cuttings of grapes

Save grape cuttings can be in a hole depth of 45-50 cm., Which should dig into the ground.The width and length of the hole depends on the number of cuttings.At the bottom of the pit is necessary to fill 1-2 cm. Of sand, then it is possible to stack bundles of cuttings in the trench.Stack can be horizontally or vertically, then it is necessary to fill sand cuttings, 2-3cm thick.Next, we go to sleep pit land, 20-30cm thick.Thus, we keep the cuttings until spring.

With the onset of cold earth be chilled, and with it, be frozen and cuttings.all existing fungi are destroyed Due to frost, but the kidneys, because the land thickness of 20-30 cm. will remain untouched.Frost at this depth does not exceed 6-8 degrees.Such temperatures are absolutely safe for grape cuttings.