How to make candy ?

How to make candy ?

Everyone remembers from his childhood sweet - sugar cockerel on a stick.For information on how to make candy at home, we cover in this article.

Classic candies

How to make lollipops?To get started you will need to acquire a special form for the preparation of drops.The ingredients we need sugar, water and vinegar.The pan must be mixed together five tablespoons of sugar, three tablespoons of water and one tablespoon of vinegar.All this stir and cook over low heat.The mixture should acquire a golden color.Now the contents of the pan pour into molds, which must be pre-lubricated with oil.Insert wooden sticks or toothpicks and leave to pour.Note that more candy is not fried.It remains to wait until the mass hardens, remove the candy from the forms need still hot.

These candies will turn brown as burnt caramel.To be more vivid, instead of water, add any fruit juice, it replaces and flavoring and coloring agents, and taste will give a new group.

recipe creamy caramel

Many housewives know how to ma

ke homemade candy, but do not know how to add spice to this dessert.To prepare the cream candies will need 200 grams of sugar, 100 milliliters of milk (can substitute cream), 40-50 grams of butter and a little vanilla.

sugar, milk and butter, mix and pour into the pan.Cook, stirring, this mixture to simmer.When the mixture acquires coffee color, pour it on forms, oiled.

Uvarov can pour the mixture on a plate and coat with butter.This candy will turn soft and tender.Cut it into squares and each insert a wooden stick.

Chocolate lollipops

From this recipe, you will learn how to make candy from sugar with chocolate flavor.It takes little more than half cup of sugar, the same amount of honey and about 125 grams of dark chocolate without fillings and toppings.

Melt the chocolate in a water bath, then pour the honey into it, put on a slow fire and stir well the whole mass, then sprinkle in a thin stream to the sugar and cook until tender.You can check this by dropping a little weight in cold water, if it instantly thickened, then semi-finished product ready for candy.

This mass can be poured into a greased form and insert wooden sticks.Or pour the mixture on a plate, dipped in cold water and cut into cubes.Cover the lollipop towel and leave until cool.

Instead of chocolate, you can add jam with a variety of flavors.Depending on this, we will obtain a variety of candies.

Bon appetit.