How to eat nuts ?

How to eat nuts ?

If nectar - a drink of the gods, the nuts - a real hearty wholesome food of the gods!No wonder there are more than 40 kinds of nuts.All of them are different in appearance, taste, and even the definition of nerds, but they have common features in the structure.Walnut - a fruit, surrounded by a hard shell, around which are located outside the plant leaves.In the case of cedar is a bump, with coconut - fiber.Nearly all nuts have a huge amount of positive characteristics that affect human health.The main thing is to know how to eat nuts, to this good feel in full measure.

only fry

Nuts - is virtually the only product that requires cooking and becomes in this case is much more useful.The raw nuts contain enzymes that prevent the breakdown of fat, and these enzymes are lost during frying.So if you're wondering how to eat nuts, that always make sure that their fry.they have learned the great body in this form.

Consume rate

Remember that it is impossible to replace the meat with nuts.Protein their s

tructure is different.If on one scale put chop 70 grams, then the other must put 0.5 kg of nuts!But this is a direct path to obesity - even 100 grams of nuts in a bag containing an average of 650 calories.Therefore, the rate of nuts per day 20 grams.This amount should be sure to eat, nutritionists say.The nuts contain unique minerals, Brazil nuts are rich in selenium, it is useful at the time of stress, almonds much calcium, phosphorus and iron.A walnut in 80 different trace elements!

correct almonds

But almonds to eat soaked in form.Almonds are filled with water and left for a few hours.After this procedure, the shell can be easily removed, and inhibitors, which slow down the process of germination of walnut, disappear.Therefore, nothing prevents the complete conversion of mineral nutrients nut man.


If you bought a coconut shop, you have to learn how to eat coconut.First you have to clean the fibers from which it is covered.After that, find the bottom three small point-pits.Two of them pierce the usual knife, insert the tube into one and drink coconut water or pour it into a glass.Then tap strongly on the nut, and it split into two halves cotyledonary.It is necessary to separate the white flesh of the brown envelope, rub on a grater, and to give the coconut milk.You can drink quite a useful product.A meal can be made from a variety of sweets.


Although accessibility, not many people know how to properly eat walnuts.In order to benefit health, it is necessary to fry them right.This is done at a temperature of 75 degrees for 20 minutes, stirring constantly.Then eat walnuts 50-60 g per day, it is 20 halves medium-sized nuts.It helps to such an additive in food from a huge number of diseases!

Pine nuts

Experts advise this Siberian delicacy, as it is the pine nuts.It is better to soak before use.It can be prepared from cedar health elixir.Half a cup of nuts, it is necessary to finely grind, then pour two cups of water.We insist 5 hours and drink half a cup 2-3 times a day.Firming effect is very good!