How to open a coconut ?

How to open a coconut ?

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How to open a coconut?

Coconut seems impregnable, it seems that it is impossible to open it yourself.And with that thought, you pass by a delicious nut.And in vain, because the coconut open house may, moreover, is not as difficult as it seems.Of course, a certain proportion of skill, patience and effort required.

How to open a coconut: Tips

First wash the coconut, very good wash.The hairs hairy nut lives many harmful bacteria.Pay special attention to the area of ​​the three holes.Wipe coconut.

Now let's see how to open a coconut.That's right, because to start is not very wise to throw it into the wall and the floor, but it's not required.First of all, remember that may be inside the coconut juice (it splashing can be heard if you shake a nut).The logical conclusion - if you break a coconut, smashed juice across the room (kitchen, bathroom, etc.).Juice should be extracted.

  1. Take a thin sharp knife, needle or something similar and poking eyes coconut - two out of thr
    ee.It is necessary to "sneak" through the flesh.Then pour the juice into a cup or drink through a straw.By the way, note: this is the juice, coconut milk and not as many mistakenly believe.
  2. juice is extracted, the coconut is safe for the room.Now acquires a hammer with a sharp end.Determine the right place.This is 1/3 of coconut buds to its end.This is the point of clumping.Be careful, coconut can jump, he also rounded.By the way, under the coconut is better to put a dosochki, so as not to damage the floors.
  3. may have to apply a few strokes, each time a little turning coconut.
  4. As soon as a crack can be inserted to the knife (strong enough) and try to open coconut in this way already.You can continue to prick hammer.
  5. When the shells have clearly split, try to remove the coconut flesh.You may need to incite shell during the extraction of coconut.
  6. likely to be a lot of crumbs from the shell, so be sure to rinse the coconut meat.
  7. After extracting coconut shell will also need to clean the peel (a thin brown), just cut it off with a knife, like cleaning potatoes.

Coco is ready for use.Grate, grind in a blender, or simply eat slices.Just do not get carried away much, coconut still walnut, it contains a lot of fat.

If you are not very helpful, our guide on how to open a coconut - videos available on the Internet, will help you clearly.