How to clean the nuts ?

How to clean the nuts ?

Chasing use and pristine taste of products, you should pay attention to the store on the nuts that are sold in the shell.In addition to the use of nuts for the table decorations as they want to eat.But, how to clean the nuts at home?Consider the examples of the most popular and frequently purchased nuts hidden in shells.

Pine nuts

Pine nuts are one of the most loved, but to liberate them from the shells is not so simple.There are two simple ways to clean:

  1. This will require a circle of safety glass or a simple ceramic, with a concave bottom and a piece of paper.On the list you need to put a nut and the bottom of the cup to flip through it.Be accustomed, pine nuts can be cleaned as normal seeds.
  2. The basis of the second method - soak the nuts in water overnight.Shell after exposure to water becomes soft and pliable.There is one "but" in the process - after soaking nuts poorly stored, so they should be eaten immediately.

Almond Almond, often sell peeled, but if crude will meet - do not pass

the "enchanted" nuts.Here is advice on how to clean the nuts, like boats:

Almond need to put in boiling water for a minute.After exposure to boiling water nuts are easy to clean by simply pressing your fingers into the nucleus.It should be remembered that the peeled almonds may darken.To prevent browning, the nuts need to rinse with cold water and dried 5 minutes in an oven at t = 60C.After processing the almonds should be stored in a cool place and tightly-fitting container.


It makes you want to take in the store already peeled nuts, to rid yourself of the hassle with cleaning.But the disappointment of the rancid taste of purified brain nuts results in mind: "What if you take yourself and remove the shell?".But how to clean walnut, without damaging the door and did not fall asleep trash my apartment?To do this, just immerse in boiling water and leave covered for half an hour.Thirty minutes exposure to hot water layer between the lobes nut becomes soft, which greatly simplifies the removal of the shell.

Hazelnut Hazelnut

most often found in stores is already cleared.But the process of removing the shell of this wonderful nut is quite simple.Therefore, having met on the counter hazelnuts with shells, it is possible no doubt to stop the choice on the raw nuts.To remove the shell with hazelnut, it is necessary to hold the nuts in the oven at 200 degrees for about 7 minutes.After temperature influence nuts should be cool.After calcination, the oven shell becomes brittle.It can be easily removed, wrapped in a cloth bag walnut, and striking it with a hammer.Or, using chesnokodavkoy or special nutcracker.

Curiously, the method of purification for each type of nuts is always different.Knowing each of them, you can effortlessly clean and feast on their favorite nuts.