How useful strawberries ?

How useful strawberries ?

Universal for its curative properties and useful qualities for the human body strawberry plants, used in folk medicine without waste: berries, flowers, leaves, roots.How useful strawberries our great grandparents knew and used this plant for the treatment of many different diseases

wild strawberry is one of the best medicinal berries, the potential of which is to awaken the appetite, improve digestion, an excellent thirst quencher.

Everyone who prescribed a dietary food is very handy strawberries.Useful properties of its berries many generations used to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, gastritis, kidney stones and beriberi.

infusion made from the berries and leaves of wild strawberry, is recommended for diseases of the liver, jaundice, rickets, loss of strength, uterine bleeding, hemorrhoids.

For patients with cold or flu kids can cook excellent restorative and nutritional means of strawberries - fresh berries with sugar and milk.Babies give strawberries need to be careful, becaus

e this berry can cause allergies.Do not immediately zakarmlivat zemlyanichkoy child, let him first try with 2-3 things.When the itching, redness and flaking of the skin - do not let more than a berry.

For external use pounded berries can cure eczema and ringworm, and taking into berries can heal lesions of the mouth and gums.Traditional medicine offers the use of a decoction of the leaves of strawberries not only as a general tonic, diuretic and styptic, but also for insomnia.

Strawberry berries are also able to reduce the pressure and show a great result at sclerosis.Unchanged for many centuries considered the fact that drunk on an empty stomach juice of fresh strawberries (about 4-6 tablespoons) is able to relieve the suffering from many diseases.

Use strawberry

In berries of wild strawberries hidden vitamins B6, E, C, mineral salts and trace elements (zinc, iron, manganese), folic acid, sugar and organic acids, tannin and pectin, volatile.Strawberry fruits have diuretic, choleretic and vitamin properties, can lower blood pressure, normalize the metabolism, rid the body of cholesterol and toxins, improve blood formation process.

Strawberries are actively used in violation of salt metabolism, as well as to provide the body sweatshop effects, for the treatment of periodontal disease, gingivitis, throat and stomach tumors, asthma, high nervous excitement, leg edema, gout and many other diseases.