How many calories in a pear ?

How many calories in a pear ?

Pear is among the most popular and all your favorite fruits.Its useful properties can get rid of some diseases and enrich the body with plenty of vitamins and minerals.

lovers of this fruit is useful to know how many calories are in a pear.

Calorie pear

Calorie this fruit is quite low, and its level varies slightly depending on the variety.The average energy content of pears is 45 kcal / 100 g

Chinese pear has a caloric value of 42 kcal / 100 g, the lowest level since the fruit has a low sugar content.Other varieties of pears are characterized by the following indicators:

  • Conference pear - 45 kcal / 100 g;
  • pear Williams - 48 kcal / 100 g;
  • pear Pakham - 48 kcal / 100 g

higher caloric content of the last two grades due to their richness, delicate structure and high sugar content.Due to the softness of the fruit is good to use for the preparation of baby puree and juice.Also, these varieties are the least allergenic and well absorbed in the body.

average weight per fruit is about 200 gr

ams.Therefore, if you eat 1 pear, then it will be about 90 kcal.Namely:

  • in Chinese pear - 84 kcal;
  • in the pear Conference - 90 kcal;
  • in Williams pear or Pakham - on 96 kcal.

Useful properties Pear Pear

  • different from other fruits high content of fructose, but not sucrose.
  • Excellent absorbed by the body without insulin.
  • is the source of the high content of folic acid and iron.
  • has a greater concentration of potassium.
  • ability to improve the body's metabolism and digestion to adjust.
  • Trace elements contained in the pear, helps the body absorb iron and remove excess water.

To get the maximum benefit from the pears, it is better to use 30 minutes after eating, or drinking water after an hour.Also, these fruits are recommended to eat before taking heavy food to the body it easier to digest.

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