Why not coffee?

Why not coffee?

How good thoughts about the morning drink a cup of this coffee.Many people do not even realize how you can deny yourself this pleasure.And whether you want to indulge in drinking this beverage?

Why can not children

coffee Coffee has a strong stimulating effect on the entire nervous system.For a child, especially a teenager, so to say an extra load on and so "tense nerves" does no good.And baby, you may come to overstimulation, and, as a result, to the odd injury, neurosis and moodiness.Coffee improves memory and stimulates brain activity.This, of course, necessary for children who need to absorb large amounts of information in a short period of time.However, other side effects of such benefit coffee reduces to zero.Coffee, especially soluble, strongly accelerates the removal of calcium from the body, and his child's growing body needs just the same lot.Coffee has an indirect and direct effects on the hormonal system, specifically on the production of sex hormones.For adults, it is even useful, b

ut for the child, as you know not.The result of hormonal failure can occur in adulthood is very good.

Drinking coffee after a meal and during it, as the water is not very desirable.The liquid flushes the food, and the food is poorly digested in the stomach.

Why can not drink coffee elderly

Often, elderly people suffer on heart disease.And coffee is very strong impact on the cardiovascular system, namely, a transient increase in blood pressure and increased heart rate.People who suffer from cardiovascular disease it can greatly hurt.

Why not coffee for weight loss

Coffee itself is not very high-calorie product, however, when it is activated by the use of the action of the pancreas and increases the level of insulin produced.This a hormone that allows the accumulation of fat in the body, which is why coffee is not advised to drink for weight loss.

Also, drink coffee and can not be pregnant, about this you can find in this article: "Can pregnant women drink coffee?".