How to drink water ?

How to drink water ?

Water plays a huge role in the lives of all creatures living on earth.For this reason, you need to consume a certain amount of water per day to avoid dehydration.To learn how to make water, it will be discussed below.

How to make spring water

Spring water is known for its beneficial properties, yet it is called living.After all, it takes a huge amount of natural degrees of cleaning, it has no harmful impurities.

Spring water can be drunk in unlimited quantities, it will only benefit the body.Here only the source should always be checked for the presence of harmful impurities and bacteria.After all, the source of discord source.For example, it should be kept away from industrial sites or dumps, or spring water from such use will not because it will contain metal salts and bacteria.

How to drink mineral water

Many have heard about the benefits of mineral water, so there is a perception that you can drink it without restriction.However, it can be said is far from all the mineral water.First of

all, it is necessary to deal with the impurities present in the water.If they are less than 2 grams per liter, the mineral water belongs to the dining room, and it is allowed to drink every day.

But when water is available from 2 to 10 grams, it is considered a medical-table.It is allowed to use without a doctor's prescription, but it is not necessary to get involved.It is best to exchange rate did not exceed 3 weeks, otherwise the effectiveness of exposure to water is markedly 20, and sometimes up to 50 g per liter -

much more salt is contained in the medicinal mineral waters.They are used only on prescription.That's why before the purchase of mineral water it is necessary to examine its label, and then have to make a decision.

How to drink holy water

holy water is considered to be curative, so the church is recommended its use for the treatment of ailments.It is necessary to drink it on an empty stomach in the morning, then it is necessary to pray.Do you need three sips, not more, then sickness will soon depart.

also recommended adding a little holy water in ordinary tap water.It is possible to drink and to cook her food.Such a measure would be healthier, because the liquid becomes healing.

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